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  • party_cracker party_cracker Jul 25, 2009 2:04 AM Flag

    This is for all longs. VERY IMPORTANT

    Not betting against the country ... betting against the majority of financial institutions who are technically insolvent yet who represent themselves differently to their shareholders and potential investors through overvalued assets and other losses being hid "off-balance sheet".

    The same jackasses who over-leverage their capital. The same who charge high c.c. rates yet get access to free money (our friggin money!).

    These literally and morally bankrupt organizations need to be done away with and new banks need to emerge ... new ones that will get back to banking basics and help this economy get back on it's feet again.

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    • party_crack:

      nicely put.

      I am not betting against America. I am betting against these crooked banks except for MOrgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is fighting against GS regarding high frequency computer trading software. May be MS is the last honest major bank and that is why they are the only one posting a loss in 2Q. Think about it.

    • It is called investing. If FAZ does not fit into your portfolio, then piss off. You should be angry with the wonderful American Banking institutions that so blindly gave mortgages out to any swinging dick. Grow up Peter Pan.

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