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  • agriffin33 agriffin33 Aug 8, 2009 3:25 PM Flag

    The economy is in worst condition ever!

    It's obvious why the media keeps hyping up the numbers (ratings), not sure why though why so many believe everything that they hear. Isn't seeing the true believing? If you look around and see the sales at stores (close to zero margin), that is a major sign. When the gov has to induce insentives to get us to spend, that's a sign. When we have to tell our people that a week dollar is good for our economy ( what a joke), that is a sign. Obama telling us that we are not at risk of inflation and our treasuries yields are soaring now, that's a sign. Dollar goes down gold goes up...dollar goes up gold goes down, big problem due to Gov tampering. We have to spend tax and stim dollars to keep mortgage rates down (artificial stimulus), that is a sign. Our country relies and function off of credit, well if we don't have it or it keeps dropping...well how will we ever rebuild the way things once were? oh that's right we can't. Credit card companies that cut available balances are killing credit scores. Mortgage companies that cut HELOC's are doing the same thing too. Everything you own is bought with dual income and now 1 or both are out of jobs. This world is screwed for a very long time...This is open for an intelligent!debate

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