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  • frankie_pound frankie_pound Aug 16, 2009 10:54 AM Flag

    Over the last 10 months I have saved $48,435.21 of my $75,000.00 salary


    I have nevr saved so much. As a typical american this is how much I am not putting in to the economy. This is about survival.

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    • Amazing and very smart. But do you live in a tent or with your parents?

    • full disclosure,are you married?

    • so WHERE are your money KEPT???

      if its in a BANK well the bank got more equity to loan out make money and hire ppl which decrease the jobless rate.

      if its in a mattress than you are not even making interest and if youre not gonna spend it or invest it you might as well burn it so you effectively worked for free and money not spend = money out of the circulation = the fed can print even more money w/o worry about inflation.


    • Excuse me. My car ran out of gas and I just moved here from Cleveland and my wife is pregnant. Could you spare a few bucks so I can buy some gas and get her to the hospital?

    • Good for you now the liberals want you to share your savings with the lazy that don't want to work.

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      • good for you! i manage to save over 50% of my salary while living in one of the most expensive places in the US (SF bay area). I didnt buy real estae in the boom. Yes i lost a ton in the stock market crash, but even with that I still have over $120k saved and am now looking at foreclosures in decent areas going around $200 - $250. My monthly mortgage will be around $700, cheaper than my current rent. I'll pay of the damn loan balance in 4 - 5 years, not including any sellout of my stocks I hold. If I do well on my spec stocks and double I will sell them and pay off the loan tomorrow.

        Point is save, build an assett base, stay away from debt, live modestly even if you can afford more, invest, and be patient. #1 rule, keep debt as low as possible.

        Some people go on about tax benefits of mortgage debt, but I say, yes you save on taxes, you still by far lose on the interest you pay on the loan. Debt sucks, avoid it at all costs. Keep it simple. And keep 1 yr of cash on hand for emergencies, in good times or bad.

      • Somebody has to pay for the mess Bush put us in. Our debt had doubled before Obama made the first step in the sh it Bush left him.

        That deadbeat didn't pay for anything the whole time he was in office.

        I say they divide it all between the people who supported Bush, and make *them* pay for it. Why should I when I said Bush was a deadbeat from day one?

    • That's pretty much everything you've made after tax. Damn, you're good!

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