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  • kevinllieno kevinllieno Aug 25, 2009 3:11 AM Flag

    i actually bought 7,000 shares today

    at 23.66 avg price....all in as they say. It is my friggin curse to be good with beautiful women. True. ....they tend to be morons, but not all of them. more on this later....a lot more.

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    • we ones that write all this on msg boards are the morons including me, other than that bs good luck on FAZ I made a second buy yesterday. Time for FAS to have some little more pain, maybe, will see if us morons can make some money with these.

    • World stocks slide amid caution, China off 2.6 pct
      World stocks slide as investors tread cautiously; China off 2.6 percent on recovery fears
      By Jeremiah Marquez, AP Business Writer
      On Tuesday August 25, 2009, 4:10 am EDT
      Buzz up! 0 Print.HONG KONG (AP) -- World stocks dropped Tuesday, with China's main index sinking 2.6 percent, as investors tread cautiously after a series of gains and looked for more signs of economic recovery.

      The selling came after Asia advanced for three straight days and showed just how volatile the markets have become as investors try to determine if this year's rally has more momentum given the world economy's fragile state. Europe followed Asia lower while crude oil prices slipped below $74 a barrel and the dollar fell against the yen.

      Shanghai shares retreated as investors digested comments from Premier Wen Jiabao, the country's top economic official, that China faced new problems and Beijing will keep up its stimulus measures because the recovery lacked a solid foundation.

    • gonna get some zzz's...more I think I probably bought the bottom....

    • and I am not all that much to look at. Fairly cute when I was younger...but the moron I married divorced me when I lost over half a million last year..I hat the fact that her friggin picture is in this modeling window on the ritziest and biggest highway in the state..........a tough time for me and her no doubt.....I made the dough, she friggin played in the sandbox for a decade and a half....I grew up, she stayed a child.......but now I need a big score, so I went all in today....with the proceeds from my house. I need to get it all back to buy this terrific lot near the high school More on this later...

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      • now it is later...and here is something that is true: i get this friggin call last week from a girl I briefly dated in high school...a beatiful blonde. the head majorette....she was going out with an older guy who got drafted by the pittsburgh pirates in the first friggin he goes off to spring training, and she ends up getting in five of my classes my senior year.....and follows me around the entire year with a huge frggin crush on me....and guess what....she calls me last week after thirty some years...says she is divorcing her hubby and wants to see today i saw her...

    • $7000 gain at no time, and will double your gain by tomorrow, lucky you!

45.35+3.12(+7.39%)Jun 27 4:00 PMEDT