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  • zoointhe22 zoointhe22 Sep 23, 2009 1:21 PM Flag

    Absolutely no fear in this market

    Nothing was learned in 2008. NOTHING. It is amazing how this just goes on. You can't find a person out there that is scared about the market. Exxon dropping to 60 was the worst crisis of mankind. McDonalds dropping to 50 was the worst crisis ever. Now back to just chucking everything you have at stocks. Obama and Democrats are on board. Fed has your back. What could possibly go wrong with this money printing ponzi show?

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    • you are right, it is very scary how nothing has changed. happy days are here again.

      you know this is going to end badly. just as they said during the run-up to 2007 that it was going to come crashing down.

      I remember distinctly back then when it was said the government and technology and globalization had "smoothed out" the economic cycles, that downturns were not needed for a healthy economy, we would get smooth upward growth for decades to come. HA!

      that is what it looks like when the fear is gone, and always preceeds the devastation that follows.

    • I'm not saying it's right, i'm just saying it's what's happening. ride the wave.

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