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  • jbuckholtz13 jbuckholtz13 Oct 23, 2009 10:38 AM Flag

    if you had an agenda to to tank the market,

    as many believe those at the top are doing (they're just following orders), what would your strategy be? I think tanking the market first, making money from the crash, investing in tangibles, then investing to make money off of a falling dollar collapse that is orchestrated....makes more sense than tanking the dollar first, b/c if that happens, those at the top could not profit (in dollar denominated investments) even if the dow goes to very high b/c it would be in a worthless currency (unless they're hedged in a foreign market, etc,..but why would they bother with the hassle?). We shall see... your thoughts?

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    • Just with the money we spent on too big to fail bonuses we could switch to Hydrogen in California.

      For the life of me, I can't understand why we need to save poorly managed banks, good grief, they will all be BK in 10 years or less anyway, Just look at Chrysler, 2 bailouts and still crap.

    • They're not going to take the dollar out first. The dollar will rise to possibly multi-year highs when the markets crash.

      In order to have a temporarily strong dollar, the markets must crash.

      The dollar collapse will come later, as inflation starts to ramp up and interest rates rise.

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