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  • ljoe4006 ljoe4006 Dec 11, 2009 8:42 AM Flag

    most retailers had terrible nov sales and # beats?


    please explain how retail sales # beats when most retailers had horrible negative nov comps. smells like we live in russia were #'s fixed

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    • I think they are right. The malls are packed by me and it seems people are spending money like crazy. Much better than last year. I think the numbers for this season are going to be up, profits may be only up slightly because of price markdowns, but sales numbers may be way up.

    • I can tell you right now- I have alot of contacts in the retail business (both domestic and abroad), and December is an absolute DISASTER vs 2008- especially in the high end of the market. Most of these contacts are smaller retailers that cater to higher end clientele. Lots of business bankruptcies coming in early 2010, and many of these small businesses have been using credit cards to get by. If you aren't a huge publicly listed company with access to the capital markets, you're pretty much screwed if you need capital at reasonable rates...

      Early 2010 will make 2009 look like a picnic.

    • most retailers had terrible Nov. sales?? how do you know? they called you and told you that? like you know what the numbers are.

    • it didn't, without gas it was worse than expected....they lie as usual...

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      • gas prices are dropping here, down 10% in the last three weeks after topping out in sept at 2.68. still double what they were a year ago during the trough down to an amazing 1.35/gal..

      • Gas....

        Why do I care any more go longs go gvmnt go fed go wall st you guys are so smart and honest go get your next 80% index bump go get your dow 50,000 by next year while I go find a overpass to hang my degrees on and call her home. Go bulls you deserve it keep rollin no risk easy as 1 2 3 stock market easiest game in town... pull a # out of the hat, buy and walk away.... hail to your next 9 months of moonshots. so easy nasdaq up 80% now of the lows, go get another 80 easy easy easy no risk at all double ur dough in 2 weeks.

        GAS...... cmon maaaan

        Oh look the dollar is up now and futures and do... UP! so what happened to the dollar deal??

        Kinda like consumer confidence not being a big deal anymore but when it comes out positive it will be a big deal again.

        How bout a little parity??

        New investing advice, Invest in gvmnt and left wing liars while consumers are debt riddled and broke! hahahaha and on and on we goooooooooooo

        Good morning my fellow broke fat lazy addicted americans! buybuybuy :-)

    • New world order is in charge now-Next babies will get upc codes tattoed on their butt when they are born. Green shoots,better than expected until every one is on food stamps.

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