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  • nasty_blow_2110 nasty_blow_2110 Dec 26, 2009 4:06 PM Flag

    hate to say, but true

    some on this board said a few days ago that bollianger bands are tigher than ever, meaning that whichever warket breaks out, it will go into that direction in bigger way. on friday we saw DOW and SPX both broke upside of B.bands. Also MACD line has crosse over to upside, meaning substantial upside. Should I sell my remaining holdings or still keep living in fools paradise ( as since last 4 months) and reading all gloomy doomy posts about economy and ignoring strong technicals indicating upward breakout ?????

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    • Strong Technicals???? You mean High Unemployment, High Foreclosures, All Governments around the world carrying the world economy, and crappy retail numbers? Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!!!!!!!! Pass that doobie over to me. I want to get dilusional too.

    • You can keep using your crayons to draw cute little straight lines on a chart all you want. Against all logic and all odds, that's worked for quite a while now.

      The key words here are "against all logic and all odds". Eventually, and sooner rather than later, those lines won't work anymore or... the crayon users will say the lines still work, but in the opposite direction... and they've been predicting the reversal for months.. right?

    • You fn lying scak of sht, the marlet did NOT break above bollinger.
      Quite the opposite, it bounced off the upper bollinger and this indicates the next move is down and I bet it breaks the low side.

      Not only that, but there is no money and no catalyst for anymore upside.

      You terrorists are going to be wiped off the street for good imagine that.

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