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  • toofunnyyouare toofunnyyouare Jan 16, 2010 12:13 PM Flag

    Going to work at Walmart this weekend to buy FAZ

    but you have to think about why people from other countries who speak broken English, have to go through different steps to get work permits can actually take jobs away from native born Americans. It's not always the immigrants' fault that Americans are losing jobs. After all, it's the American employers who make the hiring decisions and they choose what's best for them.

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    • A good 20% of Americans are plain lazy. I have a few in my family. Not immediate but step brothers and sisters. They feel entitled. The sister even had a good job and good education but she would rather complain about illegals and try and game the system. Recently I went back to college and the majority of the school was Indian kids from India whom worked their butts off studying night and day. They had little opportunity in their country and they come here to take advantage of ours. Its hard to blame anyone whom is trying to get ahead. Most Americans are extremely generous and hard working but there is that 20% whom feels entitled to everything. Our schools are falling us and a lot starts in the home. Parents need to stick together and we need to change as a unit. Look at the chinese they go to school for 60 hours a week. My kid complains about 35 hours. The psychology needs to change. This is not our parents country anymore its a new world full of competition.

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