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  • hairychested_nutscratcher hairychested_nutscratcher Feb 18, 2010 4:47 PM Flag

    Joseph Stack Day 02/18/10. RIP God rest your soul.

    Between Joseph Stack and the Dalai lama making China pissed at US, this is going to be a RED letter day for Obammy. He has pushed toooooo many people's' buttons.

    Party's over boys.

    (as an aside, my money says GS is now out of their long equities positions.)

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    • I currently am doing ok but can see how people in dire straights can stray to such actions as today by this man.

      Sad for all involved. \

      This will only get worse as more people and their situations worsen.

      It is getting to be very serious and WAKE UP time to politicians. Stop helping the corporations and wall street and help the people.

    • He was a selfish Bas stard. To do that to innocent victims. I feel for him and his problems but to intend to take innocent lives is unacceptable.

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      • hairychested_nutscratcher hairychested_nutscratcher Feb 18, 2010 6:13 PM Flag

        Obviously you have never had to deal with the IRS when they have a "question" they want to "discuss" with you.

        The IRS is trained to demonize all whom they audit or encounter and to assume they are lying, hiding something and it is their task to terrorize you, frighten you and beat the crap out the citizen with your 8 gazillion page rule book.

        At least while W was in DC he told them to back down, become citizen friendly, slashed their #s and their audit objectives and quotas.

        Obama has not only grossly increased the IRS employee #s, he has raised their quotas and increased the IRS's audit bogey nationwide.

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