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  • rpw003 rpw003 Mar 12, 2010 5:17 PM Flag

    I did not participate in the 1 cent rally

    I did call an up day as you all remember. Look at my posts from yesterday. However, I did not make it to the promised land today. Sufferd a $400 loss @ 14.40, bought 2.1 k yesterday in after hours at 14.59. This thing was trading at 14.20's in the premarket. Its ridiculous. All I did was battle to try to get back to even this morning and could not do it. I'm out of Faz and done with this market for now. It kind of breaks your spirit day after day, like being unemployed, no fun. A life lesson learned again. If you can't win then don't play the game. I'll take my $150,000 and put in guaranteed T-bills or something. Mattress is okay too. That way no one can take it away from me. Every thing I have done defies logic and this market does not behave like a market. Can't afford more losses at my age 56. Will probably have to move in with a sibling or son for retirement. Money is not the most important element in my life. Good luck and good wishes to the rest of you guys. I hope you get what you want.

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    • rpw003-Yeah One cent rally mean it will go down some more. If u want to day trade check out FAS it up over 671% since March from it low 11.56. FAZ is down 98.73 % from it high 1155 in March. FAZ is the shorted version and FAS is the long version one that keep going up. Which one would you rather be in?

    • LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That's too bad. More and more people are realizing that this land of opportunity is not working anymore. It's corrupt and only helps the rich and powerful (while, at the same time they cry about higher taxes. And some the poorer Republicans actually swallow the propaganda they're fed and agree/ vote with them...).

      The sad thing it that you probably got out at the point of maximum pain just before the reversal. Just as I got out of FAS shortly after it started it latest run-up....

      Good Luck...

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      • I'm not holding the crystal ball this week. But we had positive money flow and more buyers than sellers and still I lose. Its getting too old and time to get in gold and leave this treacherous casino. Maybe when the govt gets its paws out it will truly be a MARKET again. 3/4% interest rate. Nobody offers me that? Why not? Why didn't the govt bailout the American taxpayers with $150,000 each or in proportion to their last 5 years of tax returns? Instead of feeding and bailing the banks out? Now 95% of america is suffering! 1 to 2% are very rich, and 1 to 2% will never work or will always be very poor, and the rest of us 95% are suffering middle class. Should have bailed out America citizens instead of the banks. The recession would be over now. Banks in Illinois are not lending. Illinois politicians are a disgrace. Obummer! Blagoiviech, Daley, Stroger, Roland Burris seated himself in the Senate? Because he is black? This state is worse than California! I hide my head in shame as I live in this State.

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