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  • rpw003 rpw003 Mar 12, 2010 5:59 PM Flag

    I did not participate in the 1 cent rally

    I'm not holding the crystal ball this week. But we had positive money flow and more buyers than sellers and still I lose. Its getting too old and time to get in gold and leave this treacherous casino. Maybe when the govt gets its paws out it will truly be a MARKET again. 3/4% interest rate. Nobody offers me that? Why not? Why didn't the govt bailout the American taxpayers with $150,000 each or in proportion to their last 5 years of tax returns? Instead of feeding and bailing the banks out? Now 95% of america is suffering! 1 to 2% are very rich, and 1 to 2% will never work or will always be very poor, and the rest of us 95% are suffering middle class. Should have bailed out America citizens instead of the banks. The recession would be over now. Banks in Illinois are not lending. Illinois politicians are a disgrace. Obummer! Blagoiviech, Daley, Stroger, Roland Burris seated himself in the Senate? Because he is black? This state is worse than California! I hide my head in shame as I live in this State.

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