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  • afriendin_sandy afriendin_sandy May 10, 2010 9:25 AM Flag

    I'm getting a haircut

    instead of being up 20% last week, I might only end up 8% or so.

    oh well

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    • I'm losing a bit more than what I expected. My gain is not down to only 5%

    • you're going to lose everything , idiot. Relax, get some lube and bend over

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      • The US taxpayers pay $500,000,000 a DAY in interest on US Treasuries.

        The US Treasury auctions as much a $120B worth of debt paper a MONTH.

        The AAA rating the US Treasuries carry is based on the "full faith and credit" of the US Government.

        "The full faith and credit of the US Government" is based on the US taxpayer's compliance with income tax regulations and other sources of national income.

        If the US Treasury can issue $120B
        a month in AAA debt obligations, WHY MUST IT ASK a privately owned
        FEDERAL RESERVE Bank brothel to issue Federal Reserve Notes?

        Why can't the US TREASURY issue a US DOLLAR and cut out the private banker's vig?

        The answer the establishment gives you is that the FED will "oversee", and this is "safer"...

        How much more "oversee" and "safety" can this country stand?

        How many more Alan Greenspans can the US taxpayer survive?

        The establishment of the Federal Reserve in Dec 1913 was the biggest heist of US taxpayer money in history.

        Woodrow Wilson was sold "oversight" and "safety", when in fact the then USD was 98c better than it is today after 97 years of banker "oversight" and "safety" provided by the long line of professional rip off artists sent to DC from Wall St.

        Ex Paul Warburg-Eugene Meyer-Alan Greenspan and dozens of other scammers direct from Wall St.

        Tell your congressman and senator if they don't vote for the FED RES audit and restore the points included in HR 1207, they will not get your vote.

        Grassley has taken teeth out of HR 1207, have that Senate version passed with the HR 1207 teeth put back in...Grayson of Florida, Ron Paul of Texas will assist you....Barnyard Frank on the House side watered it down, and Grassley did as well, but get the original draft passed as written...


        YOU are being RIPPED off by the privately owned and operated FedRes
        Bank getting the bond vig....

        Have a national bank, not a private central bank dominated by BIS in Basle Switzerland run our financial papers....Read Article One, Section 8, Parg 5 of the US Constitution "only CONGRESS and the US TREASURY can issue money and regulate the value therein" says ZERO about a privately owned and operated central bank cynically labeled "Federal" by its author Paul Warburg...It is as "federal" as FedEX in Memphis, Tenn.

      • i never understand a person's need to berate another person. do you really have to text a total stranger on a useless yahoo board to get ur confidence meter shot up?

        Man if you even have a woman in your life, im very sure she wears the pants in the relationship. No real man would ever have this need to waste their time posting the same shit over 10 times... Get over yourself already

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