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  • alwayz2mmorow alwayz2mmorow Sep 20, 2010 8:01 PM Flag

    I wanna like white people, I swear I do

    MLK was a pushover, Malcom X is a real Hero!! if whitey slapped MLK he would turn the other cheek, if whitey slapped Malcom X he would black his eye!

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    • No man... MLK was the real deal.

      Malcolm X. Please. He did nothing but promote violence, not peace. him. His real name wasn't even Malcolm. The truth is, if he didn't use this violent religion, he'd be nothing but a two bit punk cheat thief. Bottom line. A doper bum in jail for life.

      A false religion based on violence was the only way he could make it. He lived by the sword and of course, he died by the sword.

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