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  • jennie.le2011 jennie.le2011 Oct 8, 2011 12:09 AM Flag


    After several drinks tonight, I'm telling the truth.

    I get more confused each day to read his post. I thought he was great at first, but I was wrong.

    He never specifically said HIS target, but changed ALL OVER PLACE.

    So bash me all you want, but I'm telling the truth.

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    • I would venture a guess that you don't clip your claws either just in case you need to use them.

    • LOL, very good.

      A "blaze" of glory is one thing, acceptable and understandable in my books if NOT ABUSED, since it was one of my enjoyable indulgences in my earlier years.

      Is it still an undertaking you might ask?

      I wouldn't be surprised if I found a little (very little) concealed Katnip stuffed inside of a fabric mouse.

      Now, as far as tolerating the scent of someone else's litter... choose wisely, remembering that Kats have twenty unforgiving claws!

    • All you ladies out there take note: When your hubbies come home BLASTED don't nag them. They are really just returning from a journey of self enlightenment and selfless enrichment to achieve the greater good for all mankind.

      Most guys will take that one step further that the same applies when they come home with somebody else's kitty litter on their breath. However, I'm not going to touch that philosophical argument any further. The "devil made me do it" is always a much better argument.

    • Cruise, OMG... the memories!!!

      I don't know what scares me more - your proposal or the fact that I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT.

      There is truth to your reference. As you know, I have affiliations in the furniture industry. One of the manufacturers that my husband has delivered for was a small outfit (5-7 employees), where they made some very unique "blow molded" wall lamps, "infinity mirrors" and aquarium cocktail tables. I still have two of their products in my house.

      One day my husband and the owner were talking and having become good friends, my husband asked, "How do you come up with such interesting ideas"?

      The owner pulled a baggie of a rancid green substance from a drawer and stated, "Smoke a little of this and write your ideas down before you forget"!!!


      My husband's eyes were glossy when he returned home that evening... he helped the owner "close up shop". Even though they have gone their "separate ways", they are still good friends, calling each other once a year or so. Too funny.

    • You gals need to step it up a little.

      Apple Computers was conceived with the help of a tab of four way windowpane. Choose your poison wisely!

    • I do not trade on margin for FAS/FAZ. I don't recommend trading on margin or trading options at all to anyone. You could make A LOT with options, but if you're on the wrong side ONCE, you're DEAD.

    • Polish is not leading anyone astray and his calls were interpreted as all over the place because there is a short term reversal in play.

      There is not enough strength left to the UPside to bust through the 50dma at SPX 1178. Market Masters will pull it back, regroup, then take another run at it (IF they choose to do so). IF they manage to break through the 50dma on the next run I expect to see the market top again between SPX 1200 and 1230.

      Right now, expect a pullback for the next few days UNLESS THEY SURPRISE REVERSE IT MONDAY AND BUST THROUGH THE 50dma AT SPX 1178. If the move down is shallow, buy the DIP. If it busts below SPX 1100 again you better be SHORT or GTFO.

      Polish isn't telling anyone how to trade it and nobody should. He's just interpreting the charts vs the daily action and being generous enough to share. When you get close to a breakout or a breakdown it's difficult to see which way the market will go. THE BIG BOYS CONTROL THE ACTION. Charts only tell you where the market has been. You have to ANTICIPATE which way they are going to go next on a daily basis.

      Most traders following Polish here want him to tell them what to do and he's savvy enough to know better. You should stop pestering him and learn to read charts yourself.

      Don't hate the player. Hate the game. If you choose to play, play to win more hands than you lose.

    • any constructive opinion is welcome here.

    • Meaning that if the Bulls can hold, we go higher. Technicals change based on support and resistance levels. Polish's guidance can change based on current days trading activity.


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      • I sold 1/3 of TVIX and hold the rest through the weekend. I also bought FAS to hedge at the end of the day.
        Whatever direction market is taking on Monday, I still can make some $$$. It's a win win situation for me (I hope).

        Next week, I will test my method: short both FAZ & FAS on the same day. With the market so volatile right now, the decay sure will help. If this works, I'll short SCO/UCO as well.

        Once Europe is a little stable, dollars will drop & oil will surge.

    • It's because no one loves you.

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