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  • polish_guru72 polish_guru72 Nov 29, 2011 6:58 PM Flag

    dont be schocked to see rally in financials

    Yes, I said that. I got targets too

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    • Sure. I rode FAS all the way down 25% last week, but held on because I was looking for a higher target, than 90% of the people on this board. Well, it looks like things are headed in my direction again. That hardly makes me a genius for believing that the market will go up again after it went down... I stand by my 1292 call within a month. Let's see if it get's hit. (I'm just trying to make a point here, as I'm sure most of you understand)...)

    • maybe it doesn't work for you if youre a day trader but for longer term holds of multiple days to weeks aka swing trading, his analysis is quite good...

    • ...and more importantly. Just because you make a call of 1370 in March doesn't mean that it has happened. Your previous 1200 call was off by a few months and 42 points on the S and P. What makes you think that this call will be more accurate?... I can throw out 1292 by year end and we'll see where that takes us?...

    • It seems like you don't understand the difference between short term moves and long term moves. Longer term, you can read the charts and determine a likely direction, but the markets don't go up or down in a straight line. That is why your calls, although balsy and unwavering, have been wrong for so long before they eventually ended up being met. Why else, would you have gotten out of your long position the day before an almost 20% up day on FAS?... Other people can also lose a lot of money if they use your calls for their short term trading...

    • It is not the news but the reaction to the news that is important. Today the reaction was bullish because it forced shorts to cover.

    • how do i know that 1370 spx will come in March!!! do i have any news??? when it hits that target what you gonna say??? luck???

    • PG,
      Do you see rally for next new few days for Bank stocks?
      What will happen on Dec 2? Thx..

    • u r 100% dead on...
      without the central bank news today the financials were toast (short term) does matter, that is simple fact; how on earth could it not matter? if a catastrophe hits (ie, terrorism) market tanks short term and no chart makes it different

      Charts, fundamentals, news, and common sense. Same reason you buy steel in Dec and coal in the Fall. Common sense.

      thanks for your info...

    • yes we watched them burn our fields and steal our food. if we resisted we were killed, imprisoned or shipped to siberia. i had family members who volunteered to be food for others. yes cannabilism happened to allow the young to survive. came to this country in the 50's to get caught up in mccarthyism mentality brainwashed in the people. went from one hell hole to another. we are survivors if only people learn the word love instead of hate as they grow up.

    • That is both shocking and inspiring my friend. Yes, the forced famine on the Kulaks was unbelievable inhumanity at its worst. It is most insulting considering Ukraine is the very bread basket for all of Mother Russia who betrayed their own Ukrainian brothers. It is no wonder that Ukraine does not trust Russia after what they did to their people.


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