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  • safecracker9999 safecracker9999 Dec 6, 2011 4:16 PM Flag


    Buy votes with borrowed money for idiots that believe every obama lie.

    Current strategy - continue to make proposals for money giveaways, to buy votes and blame anyone that does not want to borrow more money!!!

    This is the bla bla bla of a community organizer, not a leader. HE'S GONNA GET SMOKED IN THE ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • There is a point in there somewhere, but please tell me the last time the Republicans reduced the deficit or balanced a budget? Their childish economic dogma has never worked. Why is it going to be different this time?

    • I dunno the community organizer gig thing worked pretty well before, even though he never actually organized a community, or anything else more than theoretical until he made it to the Senate where he became known as Barak OPresent.

      Poor guy thought they were giving him the thumbs up to the White House and ran with it, and managed to get the rest of the herd to follow him right off the cliff. I was watching at the time and I could hardly believe it despite the "non-campaign" McCain conducted. Of course he was probably already seeing the Obama I was seeing, the hollow shell, and probably figured a good bit of the rest of America saw the same thing.

      NOT. Totally suckered. Even some conservatives I know voted for Change, or so they said in the immediate wake of the election, me, I voted for the other guy, and you can keep the Change!

    • I posted this last week, but I'll say it again, since we want you talk Obama!!

      My grandmother is 85 and her and my late grandfather gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to Reagan in the 80's, they just loved the guy!!! She gave Bush #1 about 25% of what she gave Reagan, and hardly gave anything to Bush #2, and the RNC called her last week, and she ripped them a new one, and said she wouldn't give a penny to any of these idiots running right now and she wouldn't be voting in this election for the first time in 50+ years!!! And all her friends, mostly widows, are saying the same thing, it's like a quiet Grandma revolution going on, and the GOP has no clue!!!!!

      I almost fell out of my chair, I was speechless,when she told me!!!

      The point is, people over 70 in this Country remember what America was like when there was NO Social Security, NO Govt services to be heard of, and they remember the reality of the depression, so BS'N them is not possible, and they have completely turned their backs on this current group of rocket scientists the GOP has running!!!

      Mitt "the storm'n morman" Romney (Grandma would die, before voting for a Morman, I'm sorry she's 85 and a protestant christian her whole life)

      Newt "mutli-wives" Gingrich - More baggage then LAX,(1.6 million in lobbying to start)

      Rick Perry- Another Texan, please!!!!! (our family sent 6 men into the Cival War for the North, one died in combat, another went to Andersonville, were done with the Southern Gentleman President's)

      Herman "fast fingers" Cain- Enough Said, he's out already

      Michelle "I can pray the gay away" Bachmann- Grandma's don't even know why you would be talking about gay people, let alone praying about them!!!!

      Ron Paul- Possibly the only REAL candidate she would vote for, but his own party wont let him speak long enough for her to get a feel for the guy, and grandma's mostly don't have ipads and computers with broadband, they still watch debates and TV!!!

      Obama just has to carry his base and the the rest will settle out his way, by the sheer fact of no credible opponent!!! Because, running a campaign on the idea that I'm less bad, vote for me, won't get you elected!!!

    • It depends who the GOP puts up there. Obama is a good debater and can talk very well. That is why he won before and we cannot forget that.

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