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  • polish_fraud polish_fraud Feb 11, 2012 12:43 PM Flag

    Open challenge to Duydinh_t

    Post shot trades, screenshots of any real trade you made(I have in my original thread). You are another fantasy trader, dreamer and failure like Polish Guru. I call your bluff. All posting paper gains and no losses on every trade. Another yahoo failure and dreamer and monday morning quarterback-epic fail

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    • duy is one of the best traders here.

      He's made countless money calls - ipsu, tvix (shorts and long), yge, jva, -- check the message history. not to forget his buy call at $64 for nflx.
      Sure - some havent panned out (rimm)

      Yes lately - his calls are underwater - solar plays - TSL, fslr and natural gas - xco, chk

      And JVA is just a grind

      But it ain't over on any of the above. I have a feeling he'll do good on each of the above plays.

      I like the way he analyses potential stocks - some charts, some fundamentals, some news and great instinct.

      I have done my DD and believe solar, Nat Gas and coffee - all three are good plays. I have positions in them and have a 3-6 month timeframe - but expect to profit sooner. May even buy more if they dip.

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      • rr_raj,

        Thanks for your comment. Ideas are to be consistent and be focused. There will be a day that stocks will be down. And Nah sayers will jump on us. No matter how good onces are, there will be days that he/she will lose. I admit I can't win all the time.

        So, how do we avoid a huge mistake in this business?

        Diversification which it is one of my rules:

        Even a day like this, I read First Solar report last night, and knew it would get hit today. Yeah, FSLR was down 11.2%. That was a lot of money to lose in a stock, but my acct was down 0.45%. That is to give you an idea how diversified I am.

        So, I am doing OK compared with S&P, DOW or NASDAQ. Of course, I should not be losing even if the market is down or up.

        Anyway, tomorrow will be a better day.


    • I can make perfect calls everyday and also position trade better than all analysts and fund managers. Thats why I spend my time on here to teach you guys! btw, I have some hot ethanol and sub prime stocks and some fiber optic stocks. Want in?

    • duy is just another lamer as well, just put him on ignore

    • Fraud. You have nothing better to do than come on this board with that nonsense? You must lead a sorry life - PUNK. No one really cares what you think of duy - so take a hike. He sure appears to me to be more reasonable than you could ever hope to be.

    • polish fraud,

      You have envy and jealousy written all over your post. You're saying "Look at me". Well, that just earned an ignore in my book.
      I've been observing for a long time and I can tell you, that while I can hold my own in the markets, I've also missed out on a lot of good trades, that were posted by duy.
      duy: Do you ever trade short? If you do, take a look at REE. I've taken a short position last Thursday and I think that it has just started its fall.

    • polish_fraud,

      you should never challenge anyone b/c a person having this kind of attitude will learn nothing in this world. Spending your time to read to learn, then maybe one day you can share your knowledge to others around you.

      If I share how much I gained within 5 wks, you will not believe either. However, I can tell you one thing. I beat all fund managers out there. So, why I am here answering your post? I mentioned to someone like you before this board has consisted a group of great people with knowledge and talent in the business.

      I share my research to those who want learn so they can manage their own destiny. I can be sure you that they can earn more than 12% a year that many fund managers advertise. This will me my last message to you so do not expect me to respond to you next time with this kind of attitude.


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