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  • jondow69 Aug 12, 2012 9:25 AM Flag

    Just Who Is Paul Ryan and What Does He Stand For?

    hey wad , less government is a sweet dream? funny, that guy tom joyce, of knight capital, after the computer glitch, his co. loses 440 million$, in 45 minutes, what does he do? easy, typical republican, trys to call mary shapiro at the SEC, and asks for a redo, saying, hey, this wasn't fair, it was a computer glitcth? we didn't mean to buy all those stocks, now where holding the bag, can you let us do it over and get our money back? shapiro told tommy to pound salt. now if this was a republican administration, owned by wall st. would shapiro have told tommy to pound salt? i'm not that sure. you see most reps are fore small gov. until they need there help, just ask tommy boy at knight capital.jmo

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