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  • themaeth themaeth Nov 11, 2005 6:37 PM Flag

    I wish Cramer

    would do a little more research on IOTN, so he can tell many investors this company is going to be big. IOTN's has big potential with the LIPC, they are going generate a 1+ billion with the Jins, what more do would you need? I believe IOTN is a better play than RTSI, and Cramer will realize this (of course it will be too late) after contracts are announced. Good Luck Longs

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    • Raytheon, fool.

      Raytheon has done 1000 times more laser R & D than Ionatron could dream about.

      Ionatron is a "jobs program" for technicians like S. McCahon whom Raytheon cut from their payroll.



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      • Basher �moscowphysicist�� aka � robberhowardandfroemds� aka �castillian500� aka �scrugeeeboy2005�
        aka �toopoo�� is one deranged type 4 basher, out to revenge his incompetence as an investor!!!

        Here's his Own statement on several occasions on this thread!

        ""It is my stated goal to shut off demand for Ionatron stock from this NG.""

        Yep, & hallucinating also.

        Treat his BULLoSHIT accordingly!!!

      • Mccahon is an inventor, they didn't cut him, he had a better offer from IOTN.
        Cut the BS

      • with this incessant rants about Raytheon and Boeing and the other "big guys" and their "1000" times more R and D than Ionatron. In some ways you are right. Those companies have been in existance much, much longer and have much larger R and D budgets over Ionatron. But how do you think these small laser companies like Aculight and Ionatron generally come into existence? By scientists and engineers bailing from these companies to form startups. So most of these companies are products and continuations of those "1000 times" more R and D. And therefore no difference to me.

        The other thing you mention that these big companies would be in this potential LIPC market if there was money to be made. Again I disagree. The big companies would much rather buy smaller outfits that have already spent their money on development of the technology and expanding the market. Smaller science companies are much more efficient and productive in spending R and D dollars. The fact is the laser programs that ARE the market for the big guys are Tactical High Energy Laser (THEL), Airborne Laser (ABL), Space Based Laser (SBL). In other words, lasers that put holes in things and make them go BOOM! These are the multibillion dollar markets the big guys are after, not LIPC. Once they smell the potential is near, they will simply make an offer to buy IOTN. Hopefully at that possible time, IOTN will be > $50/share. Right, wishful thinking!!

    • At least the caller was well informed and got some good info in there. For a second I thought Cramer was going to say buy, but he picked Raytheon as the better laser defense play. Raytheon isn't even in the business of LIPC, IOTN doesn't compete with them...

      You're right though, hes gonna go bullish on IOTN way to late in the game.

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      • I agree the caller was well-iformed, and thank him for saying as much as he can about IOTN, like the Jins and LIPC. It's also good to note he never said IOTN is a sell, he just said the defense sector is weak and RTN would be a better play than IOTN. But like you said, IOTN doesn't compete with them. IOTN will be big, and I'm glad I'm in it.

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