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  • toopoor2pay4vice toopoor2pay4vice Mar 4, 2006 11:11 AM Flag

    Anyone See This Video?

    "They just received an order for 50 more Buffalo's"

    What is the usual and customary PE assigned to buffalos?

    What is the bragging premium for investing in buffalos?

    In both cases it is probably less than for lightning.

    Wait til JINS takes out a buffalo by mistake.

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    • ...Out of harms way, so those kids don't have to risk their lives any more. Do you have a problem with saving our soldiers lives?
      Or are you just intentionally being annoying to try to ruin the reputation of a company that is backed by the US Marines.
      Posting intentionally annoying messages is to be and will be reported, and trying to undermine companies that are teaming up with the marines to save soldiers is something you should think twice about.

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