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  • bigjoe5216 bigjoe5216 Mar 4, 2006 2:07 PM Flag

    Anyone See This Video?

    I know we are all in the market for the money, but -

    I posted this link was for the excellent video footage.

    There was not one comment on what the GIs have to go through to locate and dispose IED's.

    The Buffalo uses a moronic approach - nothing can penetrate the buffalo kind of attitude (which is good, but.... It only proves the size of the hearts of our soldiers).

    How many of you would want your son finding IED's using a Buffalo? Not me!

    The Al Qaeda must love watching the Buffalo.

    I doubt that we will ever see a video of a JIN in action. For security reasons (and I agree) the enemy should never be allowed to formulate counter measures that would make the JIN's ineffective.

    The market works like water finding it's own level - it always prices a company at fair value.

    Ionatron is at twelve dollars for the same reason FRPT's stock - is two dollars.

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    • "I doubt that we will ever see a video of a JIN in action."

      I'm starting to suspect you are right. I have searched the marines website for "Joint IED Neutralizer" and it no longer even results the story from 2 weeks ago.

      Back to secrecy I'm afraid. I hope they can say something at the conference call.

      GO IOTN!!

    • I'm reading this when there are 50 posts ahead.

      I read and viewed the clip when you posted the first time.

      First of all, my high regard for the troop/s cannot be elevated above the high point where I maintain it perpetually.

      What struck me was that they had to use a multi-ton vehicle/device to manually with remote-control every can or bag or carcass or bump whether it is an IED or not.

      My thought was that the terrorists could just litter the roadway/roadside with debris and bog down a Buffalo to taking an hour OR MORE to traverse a MILE!

      That makes a 30-mph JIN NASCARish.

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