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  • castillian500 castillian500 Mar 24, 2006 4:15 PM Flag


    I am not a paid basher. I have NEVER had a Howard Stosk. Way too smart. I also think I can not effect the demand for Ionatron stosk IOTN Just save a few soals. Why do I bash IONATRON ? I think it's a scam and I have criminals ! Howard has reuined a hundred thousand lives with these scams. Thats all I am about.

    If you have this stock sell it. If you are thinking of buying it , Don't. If you are short or thinking of shorting stock don't.

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    • So let me get this straight: you want to warn people about buying into IOTN...out of the goodness of your heart?


      Obviously you're a paid basher employed by the hedge funds

      People in the industry tell me people like you get an extra bonus to post on the weekends

      Why not actually learn finance so you can run a hedge fund instead of making $15 a hour plus a 10 cent bonus for every post over 100 by working as a basher for the fund?

      BTW: $14 was not hit today...that means $15 will be hit next week

    • So Castillian, since Howard will be gone, does this mean you will STOP bashing the stock. Are you and Toppy moving on?

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