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  • MadMax_2x MadMax_2x May 25, 2007 8:29 AM Flag

    ASK HOW are shorties Gonna Cover 10.725 Million Shares, How Indeed!!!

    ASK HOW are shorties Gonna Cover 10.725 Million Shares, How Indeed!!!

    ~ Just Completed Marine Evaluation Testing of IOTN�s JIN~III IED Detonator, which is the Highest Demanded Product in the IRAQ War & Destined for Production Shortly�

    ~ Marines Superceding an Urgent Request to Evaluate 9 Vehicle Suppliers Class-I & Class-II MRV�s With an IMMEDIATE ORDER for 100class-I MRV�s From Oshkosh Truck & 60 Class-II MRV�s From Golan, Who Specifically Stated they would GET * * * ""PLUG-IN IED System Defeat Units"" * * *, Way to Go Marines!!!

    ~ Stock has bottomed well below its Fair Market value

    ~ $32.3 Million Cash @ End of September 2006, Low Cash Burn Rate ~ 0.75 Million / Month without Significant New DOD Development Contracts, 4 of Which Have been Announced in 2007 to date

    ~ ZERO Debt, only 5% of development Stage Companies can say that

    ~ Imminent JIN~III Contracts, Yes, Contracts is Plural with JIN~III Remote Controlled Vehicles & Three JIN~III Plug-In Electronic Packets on Each of Thousands of Class-I & Class-I MRV�s 160 Of which Have Been Ordered by the Marines the Week of 2-26-2007

    ~ Imminent Vehicle Stopper Contact

    ~ IOTN ~ Octagon Reality / Credibility ~ with LINKS!
    Listed in Chronological Order�

    #1) IOTN & L3 Agreement, providing Exclusivity of L3's Patent Rights to IONATRON, Via License, for ALL Military Applications, which Precludes any COMPETITION for such products, a Huge Advantage for IONATRON, Period...

    #2) * * * A~W~E~S~O~M~E, Single Sourced DOD Contract to IONATRON & in 15 DAYS mind you, WOWIE...

    #3) * * * Ionatron Receives Small Business Technology Transfer Contract ~ Link

    #4) * * * Ionatron - ARDEC Sign Cooperative Research and Development Agreement ~ LINK
    TUCSON, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 24, 2006--The U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) has signed a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Ionatron, Inc.,�

    Awesome, U.S. Army 110% On-Board!

    #5) * * * IOTN & Anteon / G.D. Agreement ~ LINK highlight=

    Yes, General Dynamics Just Bought Anteon for 2.1 BILLION $$$ Cash, acquiring the Strategic Agreement with IOTN in the process�

    Now, could the DOD have secretly mandated such a move, whatever, IOTN now has a Strategic Agreement with General Dynamics�

    Now, that is Very SWEET.............................

    # 6) * * * IOTN & DRS Technologies Agreement ~ LINK highlight=

    DRS is a major System Integrator for the DOD & a likely lead in JIN Platform transformation, which IOTN has stated has been Completed to DOD specifications & Fully Tested, awaiting Orders�

    #7) * * * IOTN has stated in its 8-08-2006 CC that �� Stennis is �Production Ready�, waiting for the Call for Production of IED Defeat Products & or Vehicle Stopper Products. If we accept numbers the DOD has mentioned we may have to Expand Stennis!�� WOW, DOD looking for JIN�s & Vehicle Stoppers by the Thousands & SOON!

    Yes, Far Beyond the shorties ability to comprehend, yet basic DD will confirm all!

    #8) * * * IOTN has stated in its 8-08-2006 CC that the DOD has approved IONATRON to Deal With & Sell its Products to 3 Coalition Countries, Yes, Multiplying its Product Sales by a Factor of THREE!!!

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