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  • weewillie08 Jul 8, 2007 6:45 PM Flag

    Any Feedback?

    I fear if you are waiting for IOTN to save us in Iraq, you will be waiting for a long, long time. I challenge IOTN management, anyone of them, to come on this board or anywhere else and claim they have the technology to counter IED's. I would sure love to hear it. I'm waiting.

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    • WeWillie Just Fell Off The Turnip Truck!!! (
      Your Bashing is As Transparent as a VACUUM, DUH...

      1) Go to IOTN's Web Site, Read & Listen to the CC's & Presentations...

      2) Go to the NASDAQ Site & check Insider Trading, DUH

      Insiders . NOT. set to sell ~ basher sunsetsoon LIES Within His Every Post!!!
      No IONATRON Insider has Sold IOTN Shares Since February, Other than Howard, Who Has Totally Ceased sales until September @ the Earliest, & None Intend to Sell in Front of the Massive JIN~III Contract, DUH...

      Very Interesting Indeed, as the shorties have counted on Howard to Sell Stock for them to Cover those 11.3 Million Shares sold Short, hummmmmmmmm

      Yep, Howard Will Only Be selling 100,000 shares a Month STARTING IN September & Only when the PPS is Above $5...

      Recall that several Other Officers of IOTN have Entered a Similar 10b51 Plan, only to Cancel It, with One Sale After IOTN Moved into the 8's on Good News, Yes, they Assume IOTN's PPS Will Go Much HIGHER...

      With Howard's 10 Million Share Holdings Out of the Picture for Sales, shorties in IOTN should be Getting Fidgety, Yes, Yes, Yes...


      3) IOTN's CEO Stated the DOD gave them a Verbal Contract
      for JIN~III & JIN~III PIEDM's, Check It Out, DUH

      4) Your Other BS, do some DD, You May Even Cover & go Long, DUH...

      Way to

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