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  • kauaiqu kauaiqu Aug 16, 2012 12:09 PM Flag

    doggies Fearmongering Claims Of AERG Bankruptcy Have Been Going On For 3 Years Now

    doggies Fearmongering Claims Of AERG Bankruptcy Have Been Going On For 3 Years Now & Will Continue Until AERFG's Buy~Out!!!

    dogofthesurf2001's Total Lack Of Scientific Knowledge Verified 27 times Here:

    One Absolutely Cannot Get Any Dumber Than dogofthesurf2001’s 27th Repeat Post Claiming Microwave IED Detonation, & Providing A “Link To His Claims””, What A HOOT That Was!!!

    Ranks wrm366 AKA dogofthesurf2001 As IDIOT #4 ~

    Paid To Bash, Just Which Of The Facts Below Do You Not Understand???

    Comparative LIPC / Microwave FACTS . NOT Basher "wrmjsm" BULL~o~S~H~I~T!!!

    Score ~ AERG 5 ~ ZERO For these Microwave guys...LINK @ End...

    What a Crock Of . S~H~I~T . That Article Is, Paid To Bash wrmjsm!!!

    1) Says They Expect To Have A "Prototype Outside The Lab In 2011"...

    ~ OMG, AERG Is Three + Years Ahead Of Them, Having Delivered A LIPC Portable Demonstrator To The U.S. Navy, Under A $10 Million Contract, Last Year, DUH... AERG Scores #1

    2) Triple HOOT, The Accompanying Photo Carries A Caption…

    ~ “”IED Blown Up By An EODS Unit In Iraq In 2005, DUH… My, My, Absolutely Zero Connection To The B.S. Article To Its Left, Shame On them…

    3) Yes, toopoo Could Have Written That Article, i.e. the weapon “”uses a high powered laser to “”ionise” HOOT, HOOT, the air for a stream of “”Microwaves””, which could … destroy fuses & disable ignition systems, hummm

    ~ Fact Is That Microwaves Carry No EMF; Which Is What AERG’s LIPC System Excels At,
    & Thus Could NOT Destroy Anything, Unless Directly Focused On That Specific Point For An Extended Period Of Time, Essentially Useless In Battle, DUH..

    ~ By The Way, A High Powered Raytheon Microwave System Was Evaluated In IRAQ & Proved Useless @ Detonating IED’s, Score #2 For AERG…

    ~ On The Contrary, AERG’s LIPC Weapon System Fires Electricity, Essentially Miniature Lightening Bolts, @ High Frequency & @ The Speed Of Light, Which Carry Massive EMF, To Destroy IED’s., .Fused Munitions, Car Bombs, Suicide Bombers, etc., While Blocking All Forms Of “RF Comminations & Frying Electronics, etc. In Its Envelope… Score #3 For AERG…

    4) System could be used against people, “”delivering electric shocks””???

    ~ Wrong Again, Microwaves Do Not Deliver “Electric Shocks”…

    ~ But AERG’s LIPC System Does Deliver Electric Shocks, & can Be Dialed Down & Used To Stun Or Kill People, DUH… Score #4 For AERG…

    5) Article says they hope to extend the range up to One Kilometer…

    ~ AERG’s Portable LIPC Demonstrator Is Rumored To Have Been Evaluated @ 20 Kilometers…
    Score # 5 For AERG, DUH…

    Bottom Line Score 5 For AERG, ZERO For wrmjsm’s Latest B.S. Scam Article…

    Now, Who In Their Right Mind Would Continue To disagree With The Above, Posting That B.S. 27 Times ~ Yes, Only Deranged Basher wrmjsm AKA dogofthesurf2001, DUH...

    Way To

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