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  • smartypartyguy smartypartyguy Apr 16, 2003 6:24 PM Flag

    Oh -Oh. JNJ posters read this

    J&J Vice Chair Sold $8 Million in Stock
    Wednesday April 16, 6:11 pm ET

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ - News) Vice Chairman Robert Wilson exercised options and sold $8 million of stock in the diversified health-care company on Wednesday, according to a U.S. regulatory filing.

    HArd to put a positive spin on this one. ne. The article might just as well have have indicated that the Vice Chairman took the proceeds and invested them into you know who... BSX!!!!!!!!!

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    • Heh Mr Doc how does BSX 80% increase for Q1 in their stent business compare with your favourite. Europe was a big part of the BSX increase, I wonder what helped their numbers.

      What did JNJ stent business increase Q1?

    • and just how will Boston sales rep be more effective than JNJ's? From my perspective all they do is go around spinning unconventional data that Boston manufactures and telling customers a little late loss is better than no late loss simply because they don't understand biology and how drugs effect the cell cycle in the first place.

    • westcoast(?)doc

      "Do they have a backup plan with Surmodics? ... Anyone care to ask this question on the conference call?"

      Why don't you ask it and make a fool of yourself? SRDX sell polymer solutions not drugs.

      BSX need to consider talking to someone with an 'imus drug and that is not SRDX. Jomed have one they might not be able to exploite fully. Stoopid is as stoopid writes.

    • The Euro is worth more than the U.S. dollar and if you didn't notice most companies made more money from exchange in Q1. So a sale is a sale and in Euros it's even better. Maybe JNJ will have slightly better stats in their trial than BSX. But you are a fool if you don't realize DES is more significant to BSX bottom line than it is to JNJ. Also BSX sales force will be more effective than JNJ.

      By the way how does a busy Doc like you have the time to be posting all these boards?

    • You can't be serious!! Cordio my a$$.LOLOL

    • Of course we don't know the results of the ongoing trials yet, but the best way you will make money on these stocks is to anticipate the results. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that sirolimus results will be hard to match...the real money to be made is in the US Markets, watch and learn! JMHO...

    • You must not realize the population in Western Europe is higher than the U.S. So to say the players are looking at the U.S. for their profit means you don't know what your talking about. Add in the 80 million population in Japan and these are important markets. Regarding health care payers in these markets if DES can stop a repeat proceedure in 30% of the patients then there is cost pay back.

      We don't know what all the numbers are for JNJ and BSX so for you to say JNJ is the best is pre-mature.

      If you think SDRX is a good play with their 2% royalty of JNJ stent then how about ANPI 12% royalty of BSX stent.

    • I think you are the one arguing apples to oranges, not celestial. Sure if there are tight healthcare price constraints like in the EU than a discounted BSX DES may have some attractions compared to an assumed pricier Cypher. But neither JNJ or BSX are looking to make the big bucks in places outside the US. It is the US where the big bucks will be paid for the best stent. In the US it will be fear of lawsuits and putting in a substandard product in a patient in a life and death potential situation down the road. While there may be some mild areas of pricing constraint in the US it is virtuallly nonexistent compared to nationalized health services commonly seen in the EU and Canada. Bottom line is the best stent will be used in the US and that will mean Cypher as soon as approved and if the REALITY trial shows superiority then it will continue to mean Cypher well into the future.

      As to the point made by someone about little gain to giant diversified JNJ versus BSX, I would just say then SRDX may be considered since their royalty on the Cypher coating process and chemicals makes them a leveraged play on Cypher compared to JNJ, a point not escaped on those running the price of SRDX to a high valuation.

    • IMHO 4caster you are losing your credibility. You are trying to compare apples to oranges. What happens to consumer goods in an open market is not what happens to the regulated medical device industry. Of course the price will be less on the second entry into a regulated market. If it weren't there would be an investigation into price-fixing. Insurance companies will be screaming for price reductions and cutting the coverage and there will be downward price pressure from every corner. There will be further reductions in price as other companies enter the market and some of the overhead of the product is paid down.

      None of this has anything to do with efficacy of product. That is another question that will only be answered by the passage of time.

      I am still not convinced that either product is superior to the other. I would say one thing though; this stent has been under developement for several years. My guess is that senior management would not have allowed the introduction in Europe if there was prior knowlege that it was grossly inferior to the JNJ stent. I am also of the opinion that the drugs may well affect different people differently. That is one drug may work better for some and the other better for some others. Years from now the stent may be coated for the patient's specific genotype. I expect new drugs to be used for stents.

    • We will see who has the highest DES sales in Europe for Q1 BSX or JNJ? I did't hear JNJ brag about theirs in their financial quarter release. Look for BSX results coming next week.

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