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  • bigbirdappraisel bigbirdappraisel Jul 22, 2003 8:28 PM Flag

    Pure Guts Without Insider Knowledge

    It seems that everyone is talked out..... It seems that some one made the right bet. I wonder who it is? At these lofty prices it is definitely categorized as gambling. It seems to me that without some additional insider information, that a lot of people are over extended. Without insider knowledge of the taxus study, it seems to me, that the current price of the stock is poised for a beating. With the knowledge that the next quarters earnings will be worse, shouldn't the delution of the earnings affect the top end of the stock price a year from now?
    It seems that the current price allows for no further growth for the following year, unless you assume you have insider information. It seems to me, that without the addition of some further insider information, that the profit has been worked in. Is there someone out there with some additional insider information that can prove to me that the current price is worth taking a chance to buy more at these levels?

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