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  • rat_bastardus rat_bastardus Jan 6, 2004 8:31 AM Flag

    Interesting PR today

    Guidant ripe for takeover and BSX a likely buyer...wouldn't that be interesting!

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    • Not likely as there are too many competing business and it would be a very large acquisition. On the other hand, the regulatory agencies are not as unfriendly as they once were and capital is still pretty cheap. more likely it would be ST Jude. but that is also a stretch for BSX. My guess it is a rumor like the ones we used to have a few years ago. But then you never know... GDT stock price has baffled me for some time. It makes no sense to me that it should rise like it has.

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      • reread the article. BSX and JNJ may be suitors for STJ, not GDT. I have posted in the past about the complimentary business of STJ and BSX. BSX does not do heart valves or pacing.

        They are flirting with the electronic side of the body with there heavy investment in CYBX. MDT once was courting CYBX years ago and walked away. If memory serves me right at the time the procedure was not reimbursed.

        Also, don't forget, BSX and MDT were in serious talks about merging several years ago, i.e. when MDT was still a minor player in cardiology and pre stent market. Thus, with STJ BSX would have all cardiology covered.

    • I'm not sure what is driving GDT. I don't think it is take over though. JNJ and BSX would have signifigant issues putting it through with the stent divisions I think.

      I think it is possible split or JNJ deal with a DES stent. The price of GDT should be around 50 with the value of the CRM business, I am not sure what is getting them the rest of the value.

      Good Luck.

    • Guident ripe for a split.

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