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  • ashleydfger ashleydfger May 7, 2004 4:04 PM Flag

    Hyptotube is too flimsy

    The sticking problem >20 on the MAUDE site and the broken shaft problem >10 on the MAUDE site in the last 10 months are probably related, if the hyptotube kinks because it is too delicate) then you cannot deflate the balloon properly and it can get stuck. They need to fix the ones on the shelf as well as future ones.

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    • This is one of the dumbest posts I've seen on this board in a long time. Almost ranks with boulder, aslan, etc. These simpletons believe they can affect stock valuations, or that anyone cares about their opinions. What a hoot...

    • Just wait for the second quarter FDA Maude adverse events with Taxus. You will be SHOCKED. Just wait. All bad things will come to those that lie, cover up deceive and continue massive insider selling (Tobin and Best) while telling the world how they are crushing the competetition. Taxus at 50% market share and dropping fast!

    • Provide evidence for your post or keep quiet. You are over the line. Your freinds have told you there are now over 40-50 incidences. Who are your freinds? Back up what you say or don't say it. If you can't back it up, then you are a liar.

    • Yep, I guess there was never ANY probelms in the cath lab or OR with any products.
      As a reference, did the JnJ problem get that stent recalled?
      You have no idea what goes on in the hospitals.

    • I think you may the one who is less informed. As of 2 weeks ago there were at least 28 cases acknowledged as reported to the FDA. My understanding is that there are now more than 40-50 cases reported. As previouly suggested FDA knows that less than 10% of cases are reported. My friends in the field are telling me that every cath lab using Taxus has had dozens of sticking and deflation problems (almost none of which have been reported to date), ranging from very slow deflation and moderate sticking to full blown emergency bypass surgery. If you think these are minor I guess you would not mind if your wife or mother were one of the 20 or 30 or so, so far, that have required open heart surgery. Just a "minor" problem according to the company. I don't think so. It would be setting a totally new historical precedent for the FDA to allow this admittedly "defective" product to sit on the shelves of cath labs. The FDA has never let a life-threatening admiitted product defect to be used by doctors. The doctors, FDA and hospitals (and BSX for that matter) cannot, from a legal liability standpoint, allow this device to be used without facing huge damages if they are sued for an injury or death after BSX has admitted now that the product is defective. There is only one action that I can see as a possible outcome (having worked at FDA) and that is a product recall until this defect is resolved. Probably take at least 6-12 months of redesign and testing to satisfy FDA reviewers after the recall.

    • Enough of a problem for the FDA to look into the issue. Enough of a problem for presentations being made at Cardiology conferences (EURO PCR, CRT, and Seattle meetings)where they presented cases on Taxus balloons not deflating. Enough of a problem for the company to change production of the product.

      What were you saying about Taxus not having a problem?

    • League, you are so wrong. 20 cases out of 80,000 does not make a problem.

    • Now we can be sure that BSX will go up. The Lug said it would go down!

    • Two possible events can happen with Taxus both of which are good. First they will correct the issue fast and this issue will simply go away with BSX marching to high 50's by years end. Second BSX will be forced to correct a manufacuring defect which it will have to inform Wall Street that the entire TAXUS inventory will be written off. There will be a knee jerk reaction and the stock could see low 30's. Now given that this is only temporary reaction and the underlying strength of TAXUS is still intact makes for a strong buying situation. Stock will still go to high 50's given the EPS projections making the January 05 or 06 Calls very attractive.

    • Nice, somewhat logical response, but also WRONG. That is not how the FDA (or patients or honest doctors) look at the world. If you want to make money, I suggest that you do put money on it. BSX will drop like a rock in the next 6-8 weeks!

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