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  • jokerswild41s jokerswild41s Jun 10, 2004 11:10 AM Flag

    Cypher killing one a day

    Is that true or double reporting?

    And only two with Taxus when we have 70% market share? When were these numbers first made available?

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    • <"I am interested in knowing if anyone knows if the problems caused by Taxus are created by the product itself or if they are caused by incorrect use">.

      I'm willing to believe that different operators, with differing technique, might vary in their likelyhood to experience an adherence problem. I'm also willing to believe that adressing technique (i.e. slower deflation) might minimize the problem. But I can't see that the problem existing at all could be anything other than a product issue.

      It has been posted here that balloon adherence has never been an issue with other stents - and I assume that is true (as nobody has yet offered any evidence to refute it).

    • Talk about up close and personal!!!
      Is that really you in your photo???

      could be Pebble substituted Viagra for proZac!

    • I am interested in knowing if anyone knows if the problems caused by Taxus are created by the product itself or if they are caused by incorrect use, i.e. using them when they would be contraindicated. I read over a few of the reports sent to the FDA and in all of the cases I read, the ill affects were not caused by the product as far as they know and the stents were left in so they were unable to be analyzed for defects. Let me know any opinions. Thanks

    • You have not the slightest idea of what you speak ML. Problems of balloon deflation which seriously impact patient health have never plagued GDT or JNJ. As for higher MACE rates all you have to do is look at TAXUS VI.

    • There seems to be a considerable degree of concern, confusion, and, yes, possibly consternation amongst posters in this board related to the recent flurry of insiders exercising options and/or selling owned shares of BSX over the last few weeks. Reflecting on this, my trading experience over the last thirty years informs me that Poodles will, warranted or otherwise, bark at anything that moves.

      The majority of Management (Tobin, Nicholas, LaViolette included)within BSX's core businesses have significant equity/ownership positions in BSX stock. Given a median tenure of 10-15 years, with some joining the company back in the Dale Spencer/Scimed era, and enjoying a probable upside of $50-$100 in their positions, there exists an undeniable desire to solidify their families' futures. To do otherwise would be irresponsible beyond measure. How many rank and file employees have recently paid for their children's (future) college tuition by pulling the proverbial trigger? The number is significant, indeed. Can anyone reading this find disagreement based on fact? I thought not...

      Additionally, if the astute employee believes in the long term prospects of the company as pronounced by Corporate, and their personal continued employment, then it follows that additional options will be forthcoming, replacing those recently exercised, and quickly gaining value as blue skies reveal themselves in future. My advice, stripped to the bone, is to ignore the Poodles, because their reason for barking is not based on fact but rather something more mundane--THEY HAVE WORMS.

      Buy--Buy now, buy long, and buy often.

    • So let see what powerploy666 has charged or maybe it would be easier to figure out what he hasn't charged the executives of BSX. I just looked on the FDA site that for any deaths caused by tampering you can get a federal life sentence. I guess it would be up to a judge to determine if the changes to product were tampering but in these post-911 days things are a bit more dicey for the convicted. Also insider dumping with insider knowlege is highly frowned upon these days. Look at Martha Stewart!

      Ole powerploy might have some fancy 'splainin' to do before a judge somewhere.

      Your all through

    • Variant is nothing more than multiple Powerplays sitting around contriving ways to drive a stock down.

      Nothing more nothing less

    • The data at the MAUDE site is driven by the hospitals. If you don't see data, likely if there was a complication, the hospital didn't think it serious enough to report.

      Poerplay is throwing garbage out there. In fact the hospitals he indicates are likely looking into his claims, as he is denigrating these institutions

    • Power you show a lack of true understanding of the market place. Your comments are not like playing horseshoes.

      Your comment "No other reports of this complication with other stents" Stop throwing darts. The TAXUS stent event you discuss, has been experienced by other manufacturers.

    • Nor does it mention, allude to, or even drop the remotest hint that a recall is part of this "Variant" group's analysis.

      If real, it appears to me they make some points about the stock which in their opinion add up to a stock they recommend shorting. Fine, we all have an opinion.

      All the talk of a recall and executives going to jail seems to be extra, wild speculation courtesy of powerplay.

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