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  • strongrepublicansforbush strongrepublicansforbush Sep 3, 2004 1:55 PM Flag


    Vote for George W. Bush in November!!!!
    George Bush does what he says and says what he does!!! NO FLIP FLOP!!!!
    BSX will only benefit with a Bush win in November!!!!

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    • I am totally sick of this election crap. I just don't want to hear any more about the president we have who was elected by a minority of the electorate and the Supreme Court. A president who cannot speak the English language in complete sentences. A president that bankrupted 3 companies and is trying to bankrupt the entire country. A president who involved the country in an elective war with no exit strategy. A president who does not believe in the separation of church and state. A president who gives only lip service to the constitution to which he has vowed to defend. A president who avoided combat duty during the Viet Nam war. A president who is actively attempting to smear the service record of his opponent, who did not avoid combat duty, and in so doing trivializes the service of all our military. I can think of nothing more insulting to some poor GI, sitting in a VA hospital bed, than those purple heart band-aids that were passed out at the REP. convention. A president who has no plan for the future but more war, lower taxes for the very rich, deficit spending and inflation. And I am not that happy about Kerry either.

      PS We used to use words like indecisive when speaking about the behavior now known as flip-flopping. Doesn't that sound a little better??

      Sorry for the rant. Now I feel better. Get back to work.

    • MMMMMMMM is that the same George W. Bush that on one day last week said we couldn't win the fight with the terrorist, and than the next day say thats not really what I ment to say I ment to say we can and will win the fight with the terrorists. Sounds like a flip flop to me. Just an observation, I could be wrong but I don't think so.

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      • You know you guys just don't get it or don't want to get it. I'm very apolitical, but I understand perfectly what George W. said about the war on terror. It will be an on-going war - there won't be any parades, there won't be a D-day, there won't be any surrendering of swords on the deck of a ship. It will require extreme vigilance - the threat is not going away. The way we win it is to keep after these fanatics that prey on the innocents and keep them off-balance, reduce their ability to inflict damage by taking away their cash flow and arresting or killing their leaders. There will be no clear end to this war, it will be with us always. That's it folks, pure and simple, so quit trying to make more of it than it really is... it's getting tiresome.

        On another note... lagrammy is a LONG - he's posting his pathetic, over-the-top SELL messages so folks will actually be inclined to BUY - JMO

        Disclosure: Usually just lurk on this board - it IS better than most. I do have two LONG positions. If I had more cash it would be three - I would have aded more after the recall... now I sit and wait patiently for the stock price to get back into the 40's. Stock action, recall handling by BSX has been encouraging. Can't believe we still have Shorts out there saying Cypher is better when the docs went RIGHT BACK TO TAXUS.

        Sorry so wordy... now back to lurking.. Regards,

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