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  • jokerswild41s jokerswild41s Apr 5, 2005 7:45 PM Flag

    Malpractice & common sense

    Should a Doctor chose a stent that has been approved for MRIs by the FDA or one that has a three month shelf life bc it 'leaks' it's drug (as has been reported). Knowing the stent will be heated by the MRI, should a Doctor choose a stent knowing that the packaging forbids an MRI until two months out when one that is allowed is available?

    Common sense can be applied here.

    Let me think, who might want to fight this PR brushfire with a little 'no big deal' spin? Might it be the 500 lb gorilla?

    I really don't hear a short, I hear a competitor.

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    • Yes and how was I clueless?

      Flying blind.. Hmm over 10 years of experience.. maybe old not blind..

      Smile and take your meds.

      On a real note, rumor has it that Taxus set a quarter record for sales. I think the 19th will look good.

    • The funniest things are:

      1. You got caught being clueless about what FDA approval means, and you are trying to rub it into me to avoid admitting your own lack of knowledge.

      2. Your level of ADHD and inability to complete a line of discussion.

      3. You investing in an area where you are flying blind.

      There certainly limited opportunities on this board.


    • CYD

      I didn't know this board was so important to you that it makes you so upset.
      Go talk to that doc I am sure there are a few good drugs that can or can't help you, but heck take them all it isn't illegal!

      Wow people amaze me.

    • I see what you've reduced to.

      Keep extrating your conclusions from The

      Who wrote that book "MI 101?" You?

    • Doctors do things based on scientific studies, not only because the FDA has approved. Guess what the FDA uses to decide on approval??

      Non-FDA approved procedures take place every single day. The Dr. has the authority to make the call. FDA approval only allows the companies to label & market to the studied indication. It is very common for Dr.'s to use a study of one company's product as the basis for doing the same thing with another company's product.

      A doctor doing something that is not FDA approved is very legal.

      The only reason other companies have not gained approval for this is because they have not applied or it. They likely had other priorities that were more important.

      Current packaging does not "forbid" an MRI.

      All semantics for marketing to use.


    • jokerwoman,
      do you think that all patients that get stents get MRI's? (the answer is clearly NO)
      does this boost Taxus back to 70%+ marketshare,
      which did nothing to help the share price in the past.
      this is going to be a very short lived rally based on a non event.

      • 3 Replies to boulder_56
      • Not so cocky with last post. What's up?

        Sounded scared to me.

      • Boulder,

        No. And I don't expect it to ever be that high again.
        Perception is everything, I say this isn't a non event.

        Not that long ago Mr. Lovebird admitted that we should have sold BSX when I told him to sell last year. Being Mrs. Lovebird has many advantages, but having my opinion respected where the stockmarket is concerned isn't one of them. The next time insiders all bail like they did with BSX last Spring I will be much more vocal. You called that one over and over again.

        I got a big chuckle when I read Leggykim was a school teacher with 250 shares of JNJ. I knew immediately it was you. Reminded me of when I was in school and the boys would do stupid stuff to get my attention.

        Nonsense can be fun, as can toying. I'm just really not into namecalling. It just SO lacks imagination.

        I figure you are JNJ, you knew about the hospital in Texas way to soon. You aren't on the ground walking, you're up in the air with a window. I don't think you are a short/basher but I haven't figured out why you post here.

        I've hit the timer.

      • Get a life scum bag. And enjoy watching BSX rise while you lose your a$$.

        HA HA HA HA HA

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