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  • timber_look_out_below timber_look_out_below Jul 13, 2005 8:18 PM Flag

    Next stop $21. Down she goes

    Earnings are going to be a disaster. This is going to be a bloodbath.


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    • be considerate of others feelings.
      you are far too angry and should show more
      compassion to the good things that BSX does.
      if earnings are down it is ok because everyone
      is trying their hardest and next quarter will
      be better...

      yeah f*cking right!!!


    • Why do you think this is going to be a bloodbath? I happen to agree with you, just curious why you say so.

    • While neither a long or short I be, nevertheless I agree with thee.

    • Another dimwit short or law firm employee...

    • I sold while everyone else was pumping and dumping. This company is on the verge of collapse, thats why the insiders where selling so much at the lows they know the FDA has to act after so many unwarrented deaths, and poor product quality and inventory control. Something bad is going to happen.

    • This looks bad for BSX but of course its only one of their many problems, we may not have to worry about Taxus stinking if the FDA recalls it.
      Studies Give Edge To J&J Stent
      Matthew Herper, 08.16.05, 4:00 PM ET

      NEW YORK - Johnson & Johnson may have a better product than its rival, Boston Scientific, for holding open clogged arteries.

      New data published in the two leading medical journals indicates that patients who receive Cypher, a drug-coated stent made by Johnson & Johnson (nyse: JNJ - news - people ), may be less likely to need a repeat surgery than those who get Taxus, a rival--and more popular--stent from Boston Scientific (nyse: BSX - news - people ).

      That's more bad news for Boston Scientific, which has seen shares drop 30% since September 2004 amid concerns over its over-reliance on drug-coated stents.

      "There is a difference," says David J. Moliterno, a cardiologist at the University of Kentucky who wrote an editorial on the studies in The New England Journal of Medicine.
      For all patients taken as a group, Moliterno says, those who receive Taxus seem to be 2% to 3% more likely to need their procedure redone than those who receive Cypher.

      High-risk patients, such as those with diabetes, may fare better with the Cypher stent, he says.

      Samin Sharma, a cardiologist at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, say she thinks most doctors would opt to use Cypher if it weren't for persistent manufacturing problems that can make the device harder for doctors to get. He notes that the evidence is consistent that Cypher is better at preventing arteries from reclogging.

      Both stents are used to hold open arteries after they have been unclogged using a balloon, a procedure known as angioplasty. Without a stent,one-third of patients need to have the procedure redone because their arteries clog up again. Bare metal stents cut that rate at least in half, and both Cypher and Taxus lower it again to a mere 5% or so. But until recently, doctors have had no way of comparing Cypher to Taxus.

      The researchers found that patients receiving Cypher were at much lower risk of having their arteries reclose than those who received Taxus. The results are published in the current issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association. Says Firth, "I think the value of this product from a health economics standpoint is very clearly demonstrated."

      Meanwhile, J&J says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has visited new manufacturing plants that would finally allow it to churn out more Cypher stents--and it is waiting for the OK to start the assembly lines running.

    • I see the sugared up nine year old is at it again...

    • Liberte is clearly going to aid bsx in captureing the eu market once approved in the late summer...and us in early '06

    • Stop wondering a read my post responding after you mentioned insider selling for the 37th time.

      They are called "stock options" -- they are sold to make money. I know they don't offer them to the fry cooks at McDonalds, but surely you have heard of them?

      Ever heard of "options expiring"? Or "cashless exercise"? Ever looked at the history of sales as BSX was rocketing up? Insider sale have had almost no predictive value for this stock -- they give out tons and people actually like to spend their money sometimes...

    • Down after hours too. This is going to be one uuuuglllly week for BSX. Wow next month $21 might look expensive.

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