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  • timber_look_out_below timber_look_out_below Jul 13, 2005 8:18 PM Flag

    Next stop $21. Down she goes

    Earnings are going to be a disaster. This is going to be a bloodbath.


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    • Another dimwit short or law firm employee...

    • Nice to see the executives giving themselves raises and bonuses again, while the company crumbles, even Terumo doesn't want anything to do with BSX any more. But I want to hear peoples opinions on the real issues facing the company such as the sweeping health and Medicare reform laws passing through congress that have potential negative effects, and the large amount of preffered shares that could be transferred increasing the dilution to shareholders.

    • The numbers don't lie. BSX is getting their butts kicked. They are dropping price of Taxus like crazy trying to lose share at a slower rate. As JNJ adds more capacity (JNJ stent not even available in > 600 cath labs) BSX will get creamed. The late restenosis data is a no brainer. Cypher consistently better.
      BSX will be paying Medinol forever at the rate things are going. BSX paid $750 million, but
      Medinol can continue persuit of their collections / actions from BSX.
      If you think the $750 million hurts the bottom line, wait until the payments on infringement on the NIR (already found guilty in 2 jury trials with damages with interest now approaching $500 million) and check due (to JNJ) within 12-18 months for Express and Taxus infringement on Palmaz patent (already lost jury trial with damages that could be $3 billion if willful). OUCH !!!!! Also interesting that despite continuous double talk from BSX about maintaining DES market share U.S. sales dropping like a rock as data continue to show BOTH efficacy AND safety superiority of Cypher. JNJ opening new production facilities to meet demand as accounts switch from Taxus to Cypher. $15/share will look sweet in 12 months.
      BSX seems to manage to kill off its patients every time.
      Boston Scientific Corporation has recalled all ENTERYX� Procedure Kits and ENTERYX� Single Pack Injectors, because injection procedures lead to serious patient injury and death.

    • Thank you for selling your two shares. Now please get the hell off this board. You are like a pissant buzzing around bothering the traders...

    • I sold while everyone else was pumping and dumping. This company is on the verge of collapse, thats why the insiders where selling so much at the lows they know the FDA has to act after so many unwarrented deaths, and poor product quality and inventory control. Something bad is going to happen.

    • Freshyoungmoney your 4 sentences contain the following words:
      1) Death-factory
      2) rape
      3) s&m
      4) maschochists
      5) pump
      6) recalls
      7) lawsuits

      When you mature a little you'll outgrow your need for dramatic sexually tilted words. This message board should be about financial data.
      You're now on ignore. Save your rantings for your mirror...bye and good luck.

    • freshyoungmoney is a lying POS.

      Not fresh -- nothing but stale news
      Not young -- sounds over the hill; no new ideas
      No money -- else why hang around a board where you say you have no interest and bad mouth a good company?

      A pathetic loser...

    • Its amazing to me that anyone would even want to own this company at $21. Look at all the lawsuits, 6 class action suits, hundreds more, thousands of patient deaths and recalls, insiders selling at the lows, huge waste of money, increasing debt in a high interest environment, negative charts, FDA probes, Dept of justice probes, recalls, misstatements, earnings losses. I can't believe this stock trades for over $10, they already admitted this whole year they would miss estimates, and it looks like with all the recalls they will have to lower again.

    • Wow more recalls, looks like the death factory is working overtime to rape shareholders again. You have to be into s&m to be a bagholder of this stock. These longs must be maschochists, watch them pump how the expensive recalls are really good news. This is going to help the 6 class action lawsuits case.

    • We will definitly have to retest the $22.75 area unfortunately. Hopefully we hold support at $22.75 or it could even go lower than that, but the charts don't lie about these things unfortunatly, its also overbought again, but we will definitely have to retest,then we will see if it heads lower or forms a double bottom then comes back with volume at about $22.
      In other topics,
      Stagflation is a recurring topic when the economy is growing slowly or not at all and people feel gloomy. In the 1970s, U.S. companies were inefficient and unable to keep up with the high quality and variety of foreign goods. Two oil shocks and loose monetary policy triggered inflation, which was unusual for a recession: Inflation generally appears when aggregate demand is too high, exactly because the supply of goods and services cannot keep up with growing demand. Instead, stagflation, the sum of stagnation and inflation, appeared in many developed countries. Policymakers did not know what could have helped the situation. Eventually it ended, but at the cost of a painful readjustment.
      What could cause stagflation again? Let's start with the stagnation component. U.S. consumers have been spending beyond their means thanks to second mortgages and relatively easy credit: If they ceased borrowing any further and reined in their spending, we could see a significant slowdown.
      Similarly, the U.S. federal government along with some local governments have been running deficits, spending more than they collect in taxes and other revenues. A tax reduction when a deficit is present is a loan the government takes from your children and passes to you. While it is logical to borrow money from future generations to invest and leave them with a cleaner, safer, and more productive world, it may be counterproductive to borrow from them to finance consumption, unless it is for a very limited time. What if the future generations (and the rest of the world) stopped lending us money? That is, what if the U.S. trade deficit, which is the result of consuming more than we produce, had to be reduced, perhaps using a large devaluation of the dollar? Could households and governments live more within their means without triggering a crash in aggregate demand? Would real estate prices fall?
      As for inflation, energy and basic-material prices have been rising, due in part to sustained demand from emerging economies. Can the U.S. at least partially free itself from the economic and political yoke of elevated energy consumption and therefore damp the effects of resource price peaks? Probably not. Besides, the dollar devaluation I mentioned earlier would make imported inputs even more expensive.
      In addition, an accommodating monetary policy has allowed growth in asset prices, particularly real estate. In turn, this enables households to finance consumption by borrowing more and more, leading to further inflationary pressures. Perhaps bank supervisors, including the Federal Reserve and the Comptroller of the Currency, should discourage banks from offering creative mortgages and second lines of credit to borrowers who already have a lot of debt. In any case, the accommodating monetary policy of the Greenspan Fed may already be leading us into an inflationary period.
      Hence, the case for stagflation as a plausible scenario exists. A collapse in internal demand together with a dramatic fall of the dollar and upward pressure on prices may happen.

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