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  • crispycremed crispycremed Jul 20, 2005 3:14 PM Flag

    here comes the selling dump

    Down she goes.

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    • All investors want their stocks to turn out winners. So if a stock you buy heads south, you might hang on in hopes of a reversal. It's been a longtime leader and will come back, you reason. But if a turnaround never occurs, such hopes can erode your gains or even seriously damage your portfolio.

      That's why sell rules are just as important as buy rules. Always pay attention to warning signs, and cut your losses if a stock falls 7% to 8% below your initial buy price. Don't let hope tarnish that golden rule.

      If you don't contain a loss while it's small, it could quickly snowball into 20% or more. Your best tactic is to cut your losses and move onto another stock

    • "why is it u and crispy can only post OLD news?"

      Because they are one and the same moronic loser!

      "find some new material, will ya........or go post somewhere else...."

      He/she/it doesn't know how to find new material -- that takes an IQ you can't count on one hand...

    • why is it u and crispy can only post OLD news? find some new material, will ya........or go post somewhere else....

    • The FDA obviously knows there are serious problems and the death toll can not be allowed to grow at this rate. Their hands have been forced to act. There is no way they can continue to turn a blind eye to the apparant neglegence of this companies safety procedures, and just watch so many innocent victems lives be taken for the sake of saving a few dollars.
      Hospital's Suspension of Boston
      Scientific Stent Gets FDA Review

      Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL
      November 14, 2005

      The Food and Drug Administration says it is evaluating a situation in which a leading center for implanting cardiac stents suspended use of a Boston Scientific Corp. device after patients suffered arterial injuries.

      The incident led to a dispute in which a Beaumont doctor emailed the FDA, questioning the stent's safety and said the company mischaracterized the matter's resolution.

      Julie Zawisza, an FDA spokeswoman, said the agency was "in the middle of evaluating the situation in Michigan and looking at some of the questions that were raised as a result of that."

      Boston Scientific told the agency the issue at the hospital was solved. "This is not anywhere close to truth or reality," Dr. Goldstein wrote. "We are very concerned that the withdrawal problems with the Taxus have not been solved."
      Responding to Dr. Goldstein's email, Ms. Lochner wrote: "I can assure you that FDA does not consider this situation to be a 'closed' matter."

      According to an analysis commissioned by Boston Scientific, the FDA received reports of Taxus withdrawal difficulties in 485 patients

    • I see you took my advice and changed your screen name but you should have waited a day or two to post again.

      Here is where you blew it this time "unbelievable amounts of debt being hidden possibly by creative accounting?" BSX has debt being hidden creatively, but YOU found it!!! That's illogical. Your slams need to have a ring of truth to be believable.

      Try again.

    • You smelling gorilla too?
      lol lol lol

      Take a look at the 6 mo chart,BSX has done better than JNJ. Plus JNJ continues to trend down while BSX is trending up.

    • Idiot says:"I sold all my shares"

      lying As* idiot. Your id is brand new you are obviously the same mutinamed basher posting repeditive idiotic crap over and over and over.

    • the stock has a lot of support at the moment, nothing is going to take it down until the major players say so.

    • Hey asshole, if you sold all of your shares why bother posting here. You are a liar, disgruntled past employee, or a JNJ flunky.

    • I sold all my shares and I wouldn't even buy back in if it was $13 after doing some research, and seeing where the company is going, this company really could see bankruptcy one day, maybe not any time soon but its a definite possibility, unbelievable amounts of debt being hidden possibly by creative accounting? The insiders are having a field day selling while the bottom rusts out.
      I think joining the class action lawsuits are about the best bet of making any money with this dog.

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