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  • cydney1996 cydney1996 Sep 15, 2005 9:28 AM Flag

    This pos isn't worth $8.New lawsuits

    You forgot to mention the "metal stick they poke into people." Come on, don't drop that line. I've enjoyed it so much these last few months.

    I sure would like to meet you and try to understand how any organization would pay you for the job you are doing. If anyone is monitoring your work - they probably don't realize how absolutely stupid you look to people who have been around or awhile. Plus, you don't even put much effort into it.

    Some questions:

    1. Are you on a performance improvement plan at your job?? If so, you need to get some pointers on how to do this. I'm not really concerned about you, but I'd hate to think there are children depending on you for food and housing.

    2. Have you ever even read anything about stents and this industry? I personally know only a fraction of what there is to know about stents, and you make me feel like a seasoned expert by comparison. (I have this board to thank for most of what I do know.)

    3. Are you actually proud of the quality of your work?? I have to assume you don't concern yourself with pride in work, 'cause you are way off on the quality metric.

    4. Any actual facts about which week the big fall in stock price is really going to happen. You and your other handles have been predicting "next week" every week for the last few months. Have you been able to narrow that prediction down to something actually tangible??

    Frankly, anyone who believes your rap and does anything based on is either very ignorant, or gullible, or a combination of both. If I looked back on my career and saw anything close to what I see in you, I would be very disheartened.


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