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  • stinkystinky1 stinkystinky1 Aug 19, 2005 5:06 PM Flag

    This pos isn't worth $8.New lawsuits

    Every day they grow their debt this dog gets nearer to bankruptcy. The problems these stock board messages reflect are only the tip of the iceburg. Things are going to get much worse for BSX next week.

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    • BSX is not going anywhere but down from here, theres nothing but bad news and knowing a few things about this company, I am sure they have a few more bombs to drop, best case scenario, FDA doesn't shut them down.
      The competition is taking over and the stent prices are falling, and patients are dying, and getting sick, and BSX is thrashing around throwing money at junk investments because they know they have no future and no pipeline, but its a waste and the debt is growing fast.
      Thats one reason insiders are still selling shares heavily.

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      • Yes another new lawsuit check the news. Wow all this great news lowering forcasts and missing expectations.
        Debt is over $2.4 billion. Thats BILLIONS in debt, this is not including the costs to fix the FDA problems, recalls, or recent lawsuis and litigaion. $25 million attributable to our acquisition of Advanced Bionics. The remainder of the growth in our research and development spending reflects investments to enhance our clinical and regulatory infrastructure and provide additional funding for research and development on next-generation and novel technology offerings across multiple programs and divisions. our research and development expenses increased by $109 million, or 32 percent, , research and development expenses increased The increase related primarily to an increased investment of $55 million in our drug-eluting stent franchise. Advance bionics was a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY, $25 MILLION DOWN THE TOILET. Thats just the start, all that money invested in stents and the FDA is about to remove them from the market.

      • You are ignorant of the company. It is highly profitable and will remain so even without TAXUS. Tell us about the companies that BSX wasted its money on. Bet you don't know of any.
        The debt is actually contracting and the credit ratings are up. The future of medicine is less invasive medical care. (cheaper, better in many cases) BSX makes devices that are less invasive. With the graying of the population there will be a greater demand for these types of products in the future.

    • Aww Cyd,

      Have a little compassion. Crispy is just upset because his wife keeps spitting in his mouth while he sleeps at night.

    • I have been following this thing for about 6 months and elected to go long when they warned in Sept. The short attcks do not have really any impact on a stock like this but these same animals are pretty active in some related co.s boards where there is not so much liquidity. I have been investing for more than 25 years and think BSX is a safe bet at these levels.

    • Poor little downer is so pathetic she has no sense of humor at all. It must be the beatings of mean old pebble. Start the new year right and get away from him. There are shelters and programs for you.

    • Wow, another history lesson. You are sooooo clever. Can you think of anything new to bitch about, or will it always be the same old bullsh*t from you????

    • Your not adding up the lawsuits, litigation costs, recall expenses, inventory clean up, FDA fines, and shrinking margins from growing competition, as well as increasing debt expenses. They need money to upgrade the pipeline as they have nothing on the table as it is and their products are alredy out of date and not being bought any more because competitors products are far superior and not causing deaths. One more big loss and this company is finished.

    • "At least two physicians with no financial ties to Conor give its device high marks"

      Two physicians gave it the thumbs up???? Holy shit, I'll take 10,000 shares!

    • It will be interesting to see if the FDA forces the removal of the Taxus line or if they just impose more fines and restitution.
      U.S. govt warns against Boston Scientific device
      Tue Oct 18, 2005 12:10 AM ET
      NEW YORK, Oct 17 (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration told doctors on Monday to stop using Enteryx, a device used to treat acid-reflux disease that Boston Scientific Corp. (BSX.N: Quote, Profile, Research) recalled last month.
      The FDA said doctors should immediately stop injecting Enteryx, due to serious adverse effects, including death, occurring in patients treated with the liquid chemical polymer used for gastroesophageal reflux disease.

      Enteryx is intended to be injected into the lower esophageal sphincter where it polymerizes into a spongy material that cannot be removed, the FDA said in a notice on its Web site (

      Boston Scientific issued a recall of its Enteryx procedure kits and its Enteryx injector single packs on Sept. 23, the FDA said.

      While some problems with the device related to how it was injected, not all injuries were the result of user technique, the FDA said.

      It said one reported death was due to injection of Enteryx into the wall of the aorta and cited two cases of possible inflammatory reactions occurring even when proper procedures were followed.

      A representative of Boston Scientific was not immediately available for comment.

    • This is a damaged company soft sales are not good but the 3 year chart indicates a sell, at best it has a loooong consolidation period as there are a lot of holders waiting to get out just to break even. No catalyst to go higher, and plenty of bad news Why is this loser so high anyways? What are they going to sell now that they can't steal pattents any more?<br>Anybody considering buying at these levels is just asking to lose money, the insiders are bailing for some reason. The chart is forming a flush turd formation. The lawsuits and fact that this company is incapable of developing any kind of product other than what they can steal is just icing on the cake. If you must buy trash wait till it hits $6 then it may be worth speculating. This company needs to pay back the money they got from shareholders while they where stealing other companies ideas, while the insiders where selling stock, and leading us to believe they could actually come up with their own products. BSX will probably have to pay residual payments and punitive damages untill they file for BK. They better hope theirs no mistakes or more lawsuits coming, not much cash left after this atrocity. This stock might be worth a gamble at $6, until then get out while its so high, this high price is a gift, take the money and run. There will soon be tremendous pressure to dump this stock. From Jim Tobin's book, "The Getaway: How to Legally Fleece Shareholders
      1) steal patents, reverse engineer proprietary manufacturing devices
      2) pump stock up with tremendous revenue from the theft of above<br>3) dump your options onto the suckers to the tune of $100MM+
      4) litigate and lose, "hey we tried!"
      5) resign when the pipeline is INJUNCTED and stock hits $10, "new challenges ahead, thank you all for this great opportunity!!!"The government looked into hip replacement price fixing. They found doctors used a certain brand of replacement without price checking, so Medicare will now only cover about 1/2 the cost of the price today. That means less sales and less profit on what they sell if they get in a price war. <br>What happens if this bleeds over into stents? The government may feel all stents are equal and cut their payments, ergo, we have to cut price to compete with J&J. Who has the deeper pockets? Not good!

    • Yes I am thinking about selling soon, I am also a little worried about all the insider selling at the lows, and the large number of lawsuits. Can anyone tell me if Merck is entering the medical equipment market? Could this hurt BSX? Does anyone know anything about Abott Labs? Does anyone know if there are some companies out there with a better mousetrap? Someone said pills and lasers could make BSX equipment obsolete quickly, could this be true?

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