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  • timber_look_out_below timber_look_out_below Sep 14, 2005 8:52 PM Flag


    More downgrades coming after this pos hits $12.

    insiders running for the exits for a reason.

    more bad news ahead timbers never wrong. Dont hold over weekend!

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      Fool News & Commentary

      Dreadful Stocks to Avoid [Thu 2:59 p.m.]

      Dreadful Stocks to Avoid
      By Richard Gibbons
      December 15, 2005 .

      Businesses that bet the farm
      I. Businesses that bet the farm
      In some industries, companies periodically have to make critically important decisions. If the company makes the wrong choice, it will be dealt a crippling blow. This is terrible for a shareholder, because even if the company makes the right decision one month, it might fail to do so the next. There is no "three strikes and you're out" policy. One strike, and it's game over -- your money's gone.n some industries, companies periodically have to make critically important decisions. If the company makes the wrong choice, it will be dealt a crippling blow. This is terrible for a shareholder, because even if the company makes the right decision one month, it might fail to do so the next. There is no "three strikes and you're out" policy. One strike, and it's game over -- your money's gone.

      Debt-burdened companies
      In general, Buffett avoids companies with a lot of debt. This makes sense. During the best of times, large amounts of debt mean that cash that could be put toward growing the business or rewarding shareholders is instead servicing the debt. In a crisis, debt greatly limits a company's options and can sometimes lead to bankruptcy.
      Great businesses generally don't need to use huge amounts of debt leverage to achieve an acceptable return for shareholders. So if a company needs debt to achieve reasonable returns, it's less likely to be a great business.

      Companies with questionable management
      Management has incredible power. If executives want to enrich themselves at the expense of shareholders, either directly or by misrepresenting the company's prospects, individual shareholders have almost no hope of preventing them. I strongly recommend avoiding companies where there's even a hint that management lacks integrity. Some clues to look for here include excessively optimistic press releases, overly generous compensation or options grants, or frequently blaming external circumstances for operational shortcomings. WorldCom and Enron may have gone up for years, but at the end of the day, shareholders received almost nothing. That's why I think questionable management is the worst flaw a company can have.

    • Charts indicating a sell, it is staying below moving averages making a long term down trend.
      MACD indicating a sell.
      BEARISH Probability - Mild bearish 3 day chart pattern with Mild 3 day distribution.

      RESISTANCE ABOVE +1.8% at 25.29 � 0.38, type triple, strength 7
      +3.9% at 25.83 � 0.39, type single, strength 1
      +6.2% at 26.39 � 0.4, type triple, strength 10
      +9.1% at 27.1 � 0.41, type single, strength 3
      +11.3% at 27.67 � 0.42, type triple, strength 6
      +16.4% at 28.92 � 0.43, type triple+, strength 10

      SUPPORT BELOW -6.1% at 23.33 � 0.35, type double, strength 6

      TARGET 1 Price: 23.64 Profit: 4.9% , for a typical pullback.
      Profit/Loss Ratio: 1.9 : 1 - Poor

      TARGET 1 POTENTIAL there are 1 support areas on the way to Target 1.
      Stocks may quickly fall to Targets when there are not many support areas blocking the way.

      TARGET 1 SUPPORT Current price at support: 24.5 � 0.37, type single, strength 3
      -4.9% at 23.64 is Target 1

      TARGET 2 Price: 22.95 Profit: 7.6% , Profit/Loss Ratio: 2.9 : 1 - Good for an extreme pullback.

    • disaster_strikes_thrice disaster_strikes_thrice Dec 26, 2005 10:23 PM Flag

      when will the FDA shut these guys down?
      When will the FDA impose fines and shut them down? Maybe they can pay someone off.

      Boston Scientific shipping problems 'serious' -FDA
      By Susan Heavey

      WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - Boston Scientific Corp.'s (BSX.N: Quote, Profile, Research) distribution process has "serious" problems that allowed flawed medical devices to be shipped, including its Taxus drug-coated stent, U.S. regulators said in a letter made public on Tuesday.

      FDA inspectors said the company failed to properly monitor products so that only acceptable devices were distributed, according to the letter dated Aug. 10.

      The warning, which also targeted the device maker's Vaxcel chest ports and Symmetry catheter, is the latest setback for the device maker after a string of manufacturing-related product recalls and other FDA warnings.

      It renewed worries about the beleaguered company which has been hit hard during the last year with a series of manufacturing-related problems, they said.

      "We do not dispute that some of these mistakes occurred," Rudnick said.
      The latest FDA warning letter followed an inspection of Boston Scientific's Quincy, Massachusetts, shipping facility that ended in May.

      Agency inspectors said the company did not have adequate management oversight to review quality and "failed to implement procedures to assure that only devices approved for release are distributed."

      It also did not properly document corrective actions or review data that could help pinpoint problems.

      "On a number of occasions, your firm shipped medical devices that were not considered acceptable for release," it said. The letter did not mention any impact on patients and an FDA spokeswoman was not available for comment.

      A large number Taxus heart stents that failed a quality test were sent to hospitals

    • Charts saying it will be down by the end of the day and much lower from here, we have to retest the lows. MACD is giving a bearish signal.

    • Boston Scientific needs a transfusion
      Wednesday November 12, 11:01 pm ET

      Q: When should I give up on my shares of Boston Scientific (BSX)?
      A: Boston Scientific, a maker of devices called stents that hold open blocked arteries, has been an absolute disaster for investors this year.


      Through Wednesday, the stock has lost almost a third of its value. And it hasn't been just a few bad days on Wall Street. We're talking about a slow and steady decline.

      Investors have many reasons to be negative. Most recently, on Oct. 14, the company disappointed investors by reporting it is losing market share in the stent business and it reported a $269 million loss in the third quarter. Much of the loss was due to a $598 million legal settlement with a former supplier. But it goes beyond that: Sales are slowing for one of its stents that was a big earnings driver last year.

      And it doesn't get any better looking ahead. The company slashed its outlook for this year's earnings. Its top-selling stent, Taxus, is being hurt by its only real rival: Johnson & Johson's Cypher. The number of rivals to Taxus will only increase. If the company is having trouble executing with just one rival, imagine how tough things can get with more.

      That puts Boston Scientific in a tough spot.

    • ...as if you had any shares...

      HO HO, tell us another one!

    • What can I possibly say to this, it clears arteries and helps you lose weight??? Too funny!

      How did you manage to lose money on BSX? It has been up the last couple of months since it's double bottom. Could it be that you never really owned BSX, you are just slamming for the lawyers of the class action suits, trying to keep the stock down?

    • Just sold all my shares of Boston Sci, saw on channel 9 EECP is gaining popularity and taking market share away from stents. It also helps people lose weight. Guess this is a real threat to Boston Sci. Well with that and all the problems, I don't want to stick around and watch the tumble. Good luck guys, I think you will need it. Luckily I didn't lose much money on this one.

    • Should be hauled off to the slammer for posting lies about a good company.... IMHO

    • I'm sure the huge debt, failed products, etc and the cost of recalls is going to hit the bottom line, so they want out by getting suckers to buy on hype while they dump, but I think the real reason they want out so bad is because they know that EECP and alternative technologies are catching on and it will put an end to BSX.
      BSX only real product is totally obsolete. Its history say night night.

      Doctors have cut into Theodore Dippy's heart twice to clear clogged arteries, other times they attempted to sweep aside blockages with tiny balloons, and once left a metal stent inside an artery to keep it propped open, after going through numerous heart procedures he finally found relief with a little known treatment that involves sqeezing the legs in large cuffs to propel more blood to the heart. The nonsurgical approach, called Enhanced External Counterpulsation, has been found by studies to provide a significant reduction in chest pains and blockages. The low tech treatment is carried out during one hour sessions while the patient lies on a padded table, with 3 large cuffs on each leg.
      Dippy's doctor, cardiologist Ken Kronhaus, has treated more than 600 patients with EECP.
      Today, doctors throughout the U.S. offer the treatment at prestegious medical centers, including the Mayo Clinic, and the Cleavland Clinic, have centers for the procedure.
      Researchers have been able to document the improved blood flow by doing heart scans on patients before and after treatment to look for changes. Medicare recently began paying for the procedure. Other insurers also cover the procedure. Doctors who offer the therapy see a trend toward its greater use.

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