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    • You mean More Bonus $$$ to those who have positioned
      this POS near multi-year lows and take $$$
      regardless of bagholder pain. BWAHAHAHAHAH!
      Lead by J. Tobin, these losers continue to
      siphon off as much as they can. A joke you say? Yes...Mgt is a joke.

    • Rewarding the senior management team after the stock is at a multi-year low and then timing it just after a major headcount reduction - Lucia Quinn (HR) is obviously clueless about the appearance of these handouts, which have happened before. Ludicrous, but not suprising - don't think we're dealing with Harvard MBA's here.
      But getting past the handout itself, I ask why? The filing (if authentic..assuming it is) mentions something about getting through this 'critical time'. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but the 'critical time' was the past two years. Why now? I think somethings in the wind with BSC. Up pretty consistantly the past week. Lots of window dressing going on. FDA letter could be lifted soon if the audits go well. Something is going on.......

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      • I'm not disagreeing with your assessment but do you see the irony with rewarding high level executives with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars - right after the layoffs, the billions of verdicts against, the huge debt.

        My favorite is the senor VP of quality even got in on the action..Hello, FDA death letter for the last 2+ years is all about lack of quality controls I believe this guy would be responsible for.

        I guess if my options were under water I would look elsewhere.

        Just my opinion.

    • unfortunately not. Isn't it amazing that you would want to keep the execs that help to run the good ship Spray aground???

      I say keelhauling is too good for 'em!!!

      Holding cause my stock is in Davy Jones Locker...

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