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  • kylemcl345 kylemcl345 Nov 21, 2008 11:19 PM Flag

    Layoff the Manager I and II's Pt 2


    BSX managers are mostly stupid a-holes.We've established that.......

    BSX has way too many of these cockroaches and they really need to exterminate them.Especially the ones who smoke the most baloney.

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    • I agree that Kyle should make his point with better language, however I do agree with him on some level because I have lived the BSC way of doing business. I was Senior Engineer for many years and was known as the guy to get things done. I wanted to take the next step and move into management. I was always rejected because I was perceived as not being able to communicate up the ladder(another words I was not a "YES" man). I left the company to run a start-up. The start-up was purchased. So I tried to comeback as a Manager at BSC and was still perceived as a poor communicator. BSC always treated me well but now I understand why they are stale as a company. Upper management has fostered a Kingdom building atmosphere with many silo's to penetrate when trying to get accomplish projects. If manager I & II's are the issue then it was created by the Director and above levels. Those are the folks that have the say in who is really hired and who is really retained!

    • To be a manager at Boston Scientific, all you need to know is how to suck up to the big guys and you get promoted. They even promote within the company sucking up to the top people so you can get promoted. They call it marketing yourself inside the company.

    • How do you smoke baloney Kyle - does it give you the same high that the illicit weed does.

    • ajh8864 Nov 23, 2008 11:13 AM Flag

      Layoff the Manager I’s and II’s ……..hmmm……….

      Do you really think without “management” at this level, the company would be in better shape? Do you really think letting the engineers run around doing their projects without any guidance is the solution? Interdepartmental alignment for goals doesn’t need to exist right? Do you really think that directors will have the time to manage 70+ direct reports?

      Perhaps you might consider thinking before you post.

      This Manager II although not always in full agreement with company decisions, comes into work, putting in the 50 hours a week and trying to make a positive impact to the people and the business. I assure you that most Managers did not get to these positions by being dead weight as you would imply, rather we have exhibited past and current performance characteristics that you seem to lack. Further, I will stack up my work load and performance against your any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

      I would suggest you reevaluate your position and if working at BSX, consider if your desire is to become part of the problem or part of the solution.

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      • Spoken like the true ass kiss you are - people like you live in this imaginary la la land - pretending to make a difference and sucking up to anyone you can. Go pander your crap somewhere else. The only thing managers in this company are worried about is their bonus - and as far as quality - bells and whistles - and you know it.

      • A 50 hour work week?Holy Enchilada! Aye aye aye aye! I spend 50 hours a week just hanging in front of Home Depot (Depot la Casa) looking for yobs in the tomato fields? Do you think Boston Scientifico would hire me as a manager uno too?I have many experience picking tomatos and that is more experience then most manager uno's at boston scientifico!

    • You really don't establish anything with you expressive bullsh1t. Cockroaches? Why don't you say something intelligent? You should try the Citibank board.

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      • And I'm guessing your name is "Minimally Invasive" because you can't get laid.

      • You had nothing else better to do on a Saturday night except defend the man you have a crush on, Jim Tobin? Let me guess, you masturbated to a picture of Jimmy after you were done? Face it buckaroo, BSX is basically bankrupt. Declining revenues, declining market share, unreliable products, over 6 billion in debt with a market cap of only 8 billion. BSX is the medical device version of General Motors. They've grown through acquisitions instead of developing their own products. They sell outdated products that nobody wants. They have overpaid management from the top to the bottom. They have clueless management that is out of touch with the realities of the changing marketplace. The fact is that drug eluting stents will be replaced by something better, and the defective TELIGEN (Tobin has admitted that it will require a re-design to fix all the flaws) has fallen flat on its face. Biotronik will supercede BSX's CRM market share in the US very soon.

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