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  • ajh8864 Jan 2, 2009 7:49 PM Flag

    Founders Floundering... with stock holders cash

    I am so sick of reading Kyle’s postings……….they are really just noise……..

    So for the rest……….turn up the squelch …… and tune this idiot/looser out…….

    Bonus pay for all eligible (contributing) employees remains intact (unlike Kyle)

    Raises for now are postponed until late Q2 when the subject will be revisited.

    Perhaps, it’s a drop in the bucket when looking at the overall cash position of BSX, but it’s better than being in automotive where I did 11 years.

    Given the situation with the economy, most are willing to absorb it; however, it’s tough for so many that have made significant contributions to walk away without a raise. Agreed it sends the wrong message but better than being out of a job.

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    • Bolting bumpers on cars to working on BSX "precision" devices? Yikes!
      Didn't know automotive work qualified for the medical devices industry. Only at BSX. Sheeeesh.
      Now I know where those "Deliverance" backwoods hillbillies
      landed after their "acting" gig. They're over tightening
      screws on CRM devices. Nice. Must be Tobin's cousins, uncles
      and nephews. The Harvard "Genius" that he is.

    • BSX doesn't have any cash. Look at the balance sheet, they're insolvent. That 1.7 billion dollars Tobin keeps barking about is going to JNJ and MDT for patent infringement, as well as more acquisitions (surprise surprise). BSX just bought CryoCor, who knows what other companies Tobin is salivating over. There are lots of jobs in the medical device industry, the only problem is the lack of talent. BSX doesn't have any talent, all the smart people already left for STJ, MDT, COV, SNN, and JNJ. In fact, BSX sued STJ for hiring too many ex-BSX employees a few years ago. The only people left at BSX are the people who couldn't get a job at a real medical company, due to a lack of medical education and training. Most of the people at BSX do not have medical/biological backgrounds, thus they are unemployable in the medical device industry.

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