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  • kyle_rules345 kyle_rules345 Feb 9, 2009 11:20 PM Flag

    BSX: No recalls in 08 ,but many deaths


    Yeah I know its a shock.One whole year without a recall. But that doesnt mean no deaths.

    By Jon Chesto/GateHouse News Service
    Posted Jan 18, 2009 @ 11:35 PM

    Happy anniversary, Boston Scientific. You've gone an entire year without any heart device recalls.

    It might seem like an odd thing to celebrate. But it's hard to blame CEO Jim Tobin for saying he wished he could knock on wood when he mentioned the "anniversary" at an investors conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. After all, Boston Scientific reported three recalls in 2007 and eight in 2006 in its pacemaker-and-defibrillator division.

    Last year, the company saw just one minor recall in its other operations, in a newly acquired stent business that the company then quickly closed. That compares with the serious quality control issues and massive recalls that plagued its main stent business and prompted federal regulators to put a hold on approvals of major new devices three years ago.

    Boston Scientific's recall-free year is emblematic of the major turnaround under way at its Natick headquarters. The company's return to health is important for the local economy. Boston Scientific employs about 2,000 people in Massachusetts and is one of the state's last big publicly traded companies. But the company still faces some notable obstacles before it can declare a complete victory.

    For several years, Boston Scientific banked on the success of its blockbuster Taxus drug-coated stent line. But that business has been challenged by the product-quality issues, some concerns that bare-metal stents might be safer than drug-coated ones, and two major competitors joining the fray last year.

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    • I was actually far more interested in what kylerules345 has to say as opposed to what kyledrools has to say

    • Ok, here is my story. I was employed by BSC and got the axe last year because I got caught spending all day on my work computer posting garbage on Yahoo message boards. Now I'm unemployed and living at home with my mom and dad again and can't find work because George W ruined the economy. However, things are looking up with Obama's stimulus package that contains enough pork to keep me on welfare and public aid indefinitely.

    • No deaths...
      If the world would stop eating fast food, exercise, and live right, you wouldn't have a 100 billion dollar a year industry. If you put things in perspective, the few deaths though tragic and very unfortunate, are a grain of sand on the beach. The drug and devise companies are here to make a quality of life change for those that can't do it themselves. These companies improve the lives of millions of people each year, although, they are not here to be miracle workers. If you don’t want to die, live right, don’t smoke, watch what you eat, exercise, cut out drinking. These people didn’t die from a defective product; they died from a defective life style. You can say what you want about a company or it’s leaders, you can like them or not, but until you stop blaming Tesla for all the electrocutions in the world you are ignorant and naïve.

    • Hey Kyle,

      Not sure how BSX hurt you so bad that you feel the need to clutter up the message board with all this garbage. The purpose of this board is for general stock advice and discussions on the financial strength of the company not some child's vendetta.

      Philosophically I think your stance is tenuous as the few losses you discuss are an unavoidable consequence of using mechanical and electrical devices of any kind. The fact of the matter is that all devices no matter the vendor have failure rates. In recent years the data actually shows that BSX has kept pace with or bested the failure rates of its competitors but yet you still rant. Have you ever stopped to think about the hundreds of thousands of lives Boston Scientific has saved with its products?

      Many of the elderly people I know and love can continue to live their lives because of devices produced by BSX.

      So get over yourself and open up your eyes to a new day where you can go out and live your life rather than waste any more time filling this board with angry little thoughts from your spiteful little brain.

    • You're wrong on this one Kyle. BSX had plenty of recalls in 2008. Here's what's in the FDA recall database for 2008. There's class 1, 2, and 3 recalls in 2008.

      search for boston scientific and see what a long laundry list it is

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