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  • ucf_dad ucf_dad Mar 19, 2010 9:00 AM Flag

    A little sanity if you please

    First, I own bsx, and hope it goes higher.
    However, the new approval will not send the stock to $50. Insurers will not be anxious to pay for a procedure that has a limited benefit to people who have a questionable medical need for the device.

    I would also like to refute the reports of BSX's demise. The recall will be resolved by April 15th, and shipments resume immediately.

    The greatest threat to BSX is in washington this Sunday, and it is a greater threat to us than to BSX.

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    • Yeah, yeah, every corp. has one damn threat to it or another
      at some point. MDT, STJ, ABT and the smaller players trying
      to grab a portion of the Mkt all have the same threat, in
      fact smaller players may really have to adjust based on
      their own microeconomic status. A "little sanity" really needs
      to be provided by a Top Mgt that can adjust/evolve in whatever
      "threat" exists while remaining the MOST profitable and
      the LEADER. It always comes down to MGT regardless of the Macro
      indications from any WALNUT-BRAINED Political Leadership in power.

      BSX has never had least in the last 10 yrs, if the
      Co. Grand Pubah in charge now isn't any better
      (as has been exemplified since he became CEO)
      than the last one, BSX is doomed. Period. The CEO's job is to
      be PROACTIVE (to see what's coming) and LEAD THE WAY! Not to
      be a whiny cry-baby making excuses for why it hasn't been done.
      HE IS THE CEO! He gets the BIG BUCKS and the BIG PERKS!
      If a CEO can't LEAD to being #1, he needs to be replaced! Period!

    • You can keep your gov't run healthcare. I'll keep my hard-earned money as a reward for my labor and my liberty...something you never had the guts to fight for.

    • I'm not that young. I just remember the day that the FDA did not follow it's own FDA panels recommendations and I found myself scratching my head and going "What the ______" I was dumb founded. Those days are rare (the days that the FDA doesn't follow it's own panels recommendations) but they do happen. That is why I said 95% of the time.

    • ah, hope burns eternal in the hearts of youth!

      good luck. I vaguely remember when I was less cynical. Then along came reality and ruined all that.

    • Oh I hear ya. Evertime I make the statement that govdernment will get this right. I find myself baffled. As usual I am hoping for the best when it comes to government understanding what one of its own bodies (the FDA) does and endorses.

    • you badly underestimate the ignorance, belligerence, short-sightedness and stupidity of those in government.

      Call the local IRS office and ask for clarification of a moderately complex tax issue. This will give you a good example of what to expect.

    • Come on. Even the government is smarter than that. Look up Companion trial. It is the trial that made devices accepted by the medical communitee. It is the trial that was done to prove that medical devices are superior to medications. This trial was a game changer. The FDA wants physicians in this country to practice science based medicine. Not voodoo or anything else.... science based medicine. The trial was huge in number of patients and in it showing the benefit of device based therapy (from a cost perspective and a survivability perspective). It can stand up to rigors of ney sayers. You can argue with me all day long. It will not change the facts of what this trial shows in a science based widely accepted format. Government applauded this trial. The FDA panel today also recommended to the FDA that the indications for device based therapy be expanded. Due to the MADIT CRT trial. Does the FDA always follow the panel recommendations............ No.... However It does about 95% of the time. That is our government. That is the world we live in.

    • For all of those who responded thinking gov't run health care will benefit device makers, I do not think it will.
      Medication is less costly than surgery/devices, and the program will be desperate to cut costs. When the program starts actually covering people after the 4 year wait, it will quickly run into the red as those forced to buy insurance will rush to get treated for every hangnail just for spite. I am uninsured, and can assure you that if forced to buy insurance, I will be in line for 2 knee replacements and a hip replacement.
      Page 27 of the House bill deals with rationing, so I had better get in line now.

      medication is less costly, and side effects will speed up the demise. A win-win for government health care.

      oh yes, note that employers are not allowed to enroll new employees in their group plans after day 1 off year 1. You can stay with an employer plan as long as you stay with the same employer.

      All device makers get is a tax on devices.

    • Under Obama's single payer system, wouldn't anybody contemplating a BSX decive just go ahead with it and let the "people" pay for it? Particularily those with pre-existing conditions.

    • I agree with you 100%.
      I own a few biotech stocks and BSX.
      I'm praying the healthcare bill gets shot down.

      BSX won't be going bankrupt. But if the healthcare bill gets passed, America will be.

      • 2 Replies to advisor321
      • We are already bankrupt....what the hell are you talking about...Dubya saw to that...Dumb ASs.

      • I don't quite agree. It all depends on whose perspective you are taking. For those without insurance or having to pay punitive insurance rates out of their pocket, the health bill is a godsend. For those fortunate enough to have their companies subsidize their insurance, Obama's plan isn't necessary and is a 'big waste'. The fact is, the last 2 years, the US Govt has been wasting our money to prop up greedy financial institutions that did not know the boundaries of ethical lending, when they should have allowed them to fail. As to the US going bankrupt, technically they already are with China propping them up for now, with the steady purchase of the treasuries.

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