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  • bjsw128 bjsw128 Sep 3, 2010 12:03 PM Flag

    Earnings est. for BSX dropped by 14.3%

    Big drop in consensus earnings estimates for BSX. Not good. More pressure to the downside. Greener pastures abound.

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    • You mean some trader hooked into Bloomberg. Is'nt this the same Bloomberg scam posted via Bloomberg about STYKER deal that did not happen. Like I said you hear none of this crap until Options Expiration day. It's a scam fraud and being manipulated unchecked by the SEC. Where does this bloomberg crap come from?

    • So now it is 6.77 one year estimate or such. Why so low? I bought now too long ago at 7.15. What has happened? It seems that the price is being manipulated to stay around 6.13 or so. Why is this?

    • I have great respect for the elderly and woman. Call me what you want and bash away. Typically the older generation is very savy You can learn alot from them. You should try. You personally are not sticking to the facts and calling me names. Not typical behavior I have seen from the elderly. You are twisting info.

      Oh and thanks for the concern of my financial well being. Don't worry about me. I'm fine buying more and cost averaging down.

    • You should both save your condescending drivel for those that
      really deserve it, BSX management. They are the reason for all the
      problems with this Co. and its "earnings". They are dreadful.

    • Okie dokie...

      What makes you think I'm poor? Old, yes. Woman, sure. Poor, not hardly. Stick to the facts.

      Oh, I think you mean flabbergasted (one word, not two). Flabber and gasted are not words, Pumpkin.

      Help me with something. Do you hate all old people, all women, or just old women? Why is it so hard for you to beleive that an woman, or senior citizen can't think, or write, or use a computer? What a bigot!

      You may not believe I'm a woman, or old, but everyone who reads your delusional and incoherent posts thinks you are a 46 year virgin who still lives with his Mom.

      Even at the ripe old age of 78, this woman could still kick your pathetic butt.

      I pity you...

    • Ah your true bashing self comes out. Thinking I can't do basic math. Attacking me instead of sticking to facts. I have opened the link before my first post and was flabber gasted at what you were claiming, 14.3 percent decrease in earnings estimate. And I am supposed to believe that you are a poor retired 78 year old woman that is twisting this numbers. Really!!!

      I've already said the number is in the bloomberg article. Again the number comes from the difference between 6 and 7 cents consensus estimate. 1 divided into 7 gives you 14.3 percent. Some analyst say 5 cents per share for Q3 some say 7 cents per share. Of the Bloomberg's poled analysts a few of them have revised there earns per share estimates from 7 cents per share to 6 cents per share. That has made the average drop from 7 cents per share to 6 cents per share for the bloomberg poled analyst. Your trying to spin that into a 14.3 percent decrease in overall earnings estimate. Come on.

      I'm 100 percent sure that I am not the only person seeing what you are trying to do. I just want more people to see what you are doing.

      What you are claiming as a decrease of 14.3 percent in earnings estimate by analyst poled by bloomberg is nothing more then the average estimate of those bloomberg analyst poled just now getting onto the same page as the 18 analyst poled by yahoo financial that has had that number standing for greater then 90 days as average estimate of earning per share.

    • The only twisted thing here, is your mind.
      How much are you down? Based on your posts, I'm guessing a whole bunch.

      But as to your baseless rantings. Open the link to the Bloomberg article I provided and see for yourself. Scroll down the page until you get to the row for BSX. Pan right until you see -14.3% (the number I quoted in my subject line). Notice that it was just lowered by Bloomberg yesterday. If you have a problem with this article perhaps you should contact them.

      I'm actually surprised you could do the math required to see that Bloomberg had rounded off the 2/100ths you are so fixated upon–did your Mom help you?

      Stay on your meds or the men in white will be back to visit.

    • So your saying Bloomberg censensus of analyst poled has dropped earns per share from 7 cents to 6 cents. Bloomberg must be poling different analyst. then yahoo key statistics Their consensus. is and has been for more then 90 days 6 cents per share

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