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  • brianwdaly brianwdaly Sep 26, 2010 12:10 PM Flag

    Is BSX a a good long term and M & A investment?

    If so, what do you think of BSX?

    Who could aquire them? Why?

    Long term are they in a good industry or bad industry?

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    • No big reward here. Just a solid $12 to yield a peer group revenue per share valuation.

      The shorts here are really stretching. That alone is a good sign.

    • Thanks for posting the sold number.

      80,000 devices sold. Must be a whole lot of physicians that know a whole lot more then you!!!

    • How about you try again? 2000 devices reported in MAUDE out of about 80,000 sold. That's an unacceptable failure rate for a Class III medical device. The clock is ticking, tick tock, tick tock...........

    • Trombone slide

      I am very familiar with maude. prior to posting this message the maude data base is exactly what I had searched.

      Thank you for calling me a little boy.

      Thank you for calling me incompetent.

      Thank you for calling me uneducated.

      You don't know me!!!! Why must you call me names???? Are you that unhappy of a short????

      Again I find in the maude data base plenty of Medtronic issues for the sprint fidelis issue and that is a class 1 recall.

      What you are speaking of is not!!!

      What I also find is plenty of oversensing issues and things of that nature. All are very inherent issues of trying to sense a heart beat through an insulated metal wire.

      BSX does far better in the oversensing issue then Medtronic has ever done. For some reason Medtronic can never get its far field sensing issue right. They sense atrial activity on the ventricular lead.

      That is what I am finding in the MAUDE. I search all.

      Please try again

    • Since you're totally incompetent and uneducated, let me show you where to find it little boy:

      Go to this website:

      Type in Cognis for Brand Name and leave everything else blank, adjust date from 01/01/2009 to 12/31/2009 and search

      After reading the Cognis reports, go back to the search page and type in Teligen for brand name and leave everything else blank, and make sure date ranges are same

    • Trombone slide

      Not trying to defend anything. Can't find anything that shows the numbers your talking about what I did find is a whole lot (as in tens of thousands on Medtronic Sprint fidelis lead issues) WHich is a class 1 recall why don't you go to their message board. That is where the real device issue is.

      Nothing man made is perfect.

      Try again please

    • Nobody will acquire them, they have $12 billion in liabilities on the books, their revenues from their bread and butter divisions DES and CRM are sinking worldwide due to pricing pressures and shoddy quality, and they suffer from balance sheet insolvency.

      Yes, they are in a good industry, and a better buy in this industry would be STJ, MDT, ABT, BCR, or JNJ. With the exception of STJ, the others all pay a dividend on their shares.

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