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  • gluteusmaximus80 gluteusmaximus80 Nov 11, 2010 11:11 PM Flag

    The Motley Fool Website...

    Everything that motley fool has ever written about BSX is a total lie. BSX should sue motley fool for at least 30 billion dollars, since their defamation against BSX has resulted in tens of billions in lost market cap. How come motley fool never mentions that BSX is the world's largest medical device company with 80% market share of CRM and DES, with the most bulletproof and reliable devices in the market. Even the FDA has warning letters on STJ and MDT, while there are none on BSX. When FDA shuts down STJ and MDT and BSX gets a monopoly on medical devices, motley fool will be out of business. BSX should be $75 right now because of the addition of Guidant, but the propagandist liars at motley fool and other fake newspapers have spewed all these lies about BSX which has ruined BSX reputation.

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    • I wouldn't say everything written is a lie however it's slanted and biased reporting at minimum. It's a catch-22 scenario...if you're short BSX, were fired from BSX, or have lost a boat load of $ investing in BSX you probably enjoy the negative spin. If you're on the long side the biased and negative reporting doesn't help support the current positive fundamental developments. I own the stock at these levels. I believe the underlying fundamental situation is turning around. I pity the Fool who reads sham articles about BSX and makes trading decisions based on bogus and biased reporting. That's why I preach due dilligence, due dilligence, due dilligence!

    • I don't know that MF has enough influence to affect the stock. Lots of negative press for this company but it surely doesn't have that much of an impact - - - does it??

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      • @landdog...I've said before that due to the institutional ownership in BSX the individual investor has no say whatsoever in the share price movement of BSX. Therefore the reporters at MF who take or trade positions in stock shouldn't influence share price too much either. If you research Motley Fool specifically, the investment groups that finance the site I'm saying there is an obvious bias to spin negative stories on BSX that could be tied to a short position in BSX or long positions in competitors. Afterall...there are 45 million shares short...a very small percentage of the shares short are retail. It's the same institutions that hold long positions or hedge funds that have a sizeable short position although the position seems to be unwinding a bit right now and for good reason IMO. I like my chances at these prices (under $7)...we go higher into year end IMO...

    • 80% CRM market share??? That's not correct.

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