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  • stuckwindow stuckwindow Jan 12, 2011 7:00 PM Flag

    Guident and Federal Court Decision

    What does the Guident plea being accepted by the Federal courts mean for investors?

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    • It was Guidant not Guident

    • What are you on? BSX is not number one in anything! not CRM not stents, not sales, not revenue....NOTHING

    • Once again brown-nosed pumping lunatic, head up her
      gluteusmaximus chimes in with more falsified information.
      Maybe it's Johnny babyboy Meilink's broker hoping to salvage
      his BSX position for his loser client? LOL

      >>Boston Scientific has seen steady turnover in its management
      team, been in court multiple times for patent infringement
      hearings, been the subject of several Department of Justice
      investigations, had to conduct a massive recall of its
      defibrillators in 2010, racked up $5 billion in litigation
      charges in the past five years and hasn't turned a profit
      since 2005.

      Despite that tale of woe, optimistic investors started
      snapping up shares in recent months, pushing the stock up
      nearly 50% since Labor Day. Yet this is still a very
      troubled company, carrying about $5 billion in debt. To
      boost growth, Boston Scientific is making acquisitions to
      bring fresh growth opportunities. Yet some of those deals,
      such as the one for a heart-valve business, merely
      represent second-tier offerings in crowded fields.

      At a November 2010 meeting with analysts, management ran
      through a series of steps that intend to boost profits 10%
      annually, highlighted by cost cuts. But most analysts
      scoffed at management's targets. Goldman Sachs doubts that
      cost-cutting will lead the company out of its morass: "Given
      our below consensus revenue estimates for the foreseeable
      future, we believe these cost controls will essentially be
      an offset for lower-than-expected revenue growth rather than
      incremental growth opportunities." They predict shares will
      fall back to $6, nearly 20% below current levels.

      Citigroup put the outlook in even harsher terms: "BSX
      currently has 75% of sales in markets that are collectively
      declining and are expected to be flat over the next three
      years....(and) a thin pipeline and cost cutting plans don't
      mesh with a viable plan to grow sales."<<

    • No one can share in something that isn't there. Also, BSX doesn't fire anyone for poor performance. There's a thief's code from the board of directors and CEO on down.

    • You are wrong on everything, BSX is number one in all the device markets they compete in, and they are growing in double digits in everything, while the competitors are going down in flames with shoddy products and FDA problems. You must be a loser BSX employee who was fired for poor performance and now you're jealous you can't share in the success of the company. ABT's bio-crap stent is a fraud, FDA will put an end to that nonsense very soon. Go BSX!!!

    • The JPM presentation is up at the webcast link (BSX).

      Mr. Elliott sounds quite confident and pregnant with news.

      But I again advise caution on CALLS. The news may be a basket of acquisitions, which might weigh on the sp.

    • I can't tell if you're joking or delusional.

      BSX is third in ICDs, and their stent market share is eroding. European stent sales will probably face intense pressure from Abbott's bioabsorbable stent.

      As far as sales force, which sales force is doing the wiping? This weeks sales force or last week? Turnover in their CRV sales force is the worst in the industry. One could surmise from the poor product cadence that their engineering turnover isn't much better.

      I wouldn't tout reliability and quality as a sales point either unless you have the memory of a goldfish.

      8 bucks isn't exactly a bold call either. What BSX isn't doing well is growing the top-line but it is improving the bottom line largely be reducing employee compensation and number. While this does improve the financials in the short term, it does not bode well for the long term viability of the company.

      BSX needs to get new ICDs, competitive leads to go with them, and new stents to the market quickly if it's going to remain relative to the industry.

    • Agreed, BSX is going to soar well past $8 next week. Shorts are going to get vaporized. Earnings are coming out soon, and they will once again confirm BSX's near-monopoly on cardiac devices, stents and ICDs. STJ, MDT, JNJ, and ABT have been wiped off the map by BSX's hard-working sales force. Only BSX has the best products, nobody else even comes close to BSX's bulletproof reliability and quality.

    • That's great news. Just old lawsuits and BSX was trying to put it to rest after more came up.

      Go BSX!

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