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  • marschke333 marschke333 Sep 26, 2011 9:32 PM Flag

    PROS and CONS of BSX

    Can we start a conversation on why one should or should not by BSX. Perhaps we could stick to facts. I am thinking about making a large investment and would like to get peoples input. I do know a little about the company here it is.

    1. Settled JNJ Patent Infringement Lawsuite.
    2. Hired a JNJ person to become future CEO
    3. Picking up business from JNJ as they are out of the eluded stent business.
    4. FDA has removed the FDA warnings and they are clear to release new products.
    5. BSX seems to be at a low, I am thinking this is a great entry point.

    1. BSX seems to have made a poor business decision buying guident. Does anyone know how this part of the business is doing. I remeber them having a lot of recalls when they were purchased.
    2. They are moving business out of the US as is many of the big companies.
    3. I believe they have made several layoffs with these business relocations. Good for bottom line but bad for the US job market.
    4.They are only a 9 billion dollar company. Seems they should have started trending upward if things were getting better.

    Does anyone else have any input? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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    • The outgoig CEO did a great job in turning BSX around and he was paid alot to do it. The new guy will still have his hands full but I think they are headed in the right direction. As the population ages and the economy turns around this company should do well.

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      • I just haven't figured out why he would quit. Do you think someone has something better to offer, or do you think there may be more issues coming down the pike. I finally bought in today. A little higher than I wanted, but I think there still can be some money made.

        How high do you thio\nk this will go before ite starts to slide back. I see that volume is below the average which is good. I think people are starting to hold this know for a little more long term gains.

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