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  • aapl_doom aapl_doom Oct 22, 2011 3:27 PM Flag

    S&P has encouraging report for BSX

    Basically, BSX is in recovery mode and restructur process put the company in a very good shape by next year.

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    • Cdanajackson

      A discussion implies some level of mutual respect I would not call this exchange a discussion.

      I think a better description would be lecture. You attempting to lecture to the board about your investing prowess and the numbers you claim to have crunched. Some posters pushing back on the lecturer is a better description.

      Also If your offers were purely made tongue in cheek then I guess you are hiding behind a computer screen and avatar and not nearly as wide open as you formerly claimed.

    • Gotta love those ad hominem attacks.



      From where? I don't follow.

    • I've enjoyed the discussion.

      As far as my offerings, I meant it all tongue-in-cheek. I didn't mean to offend.

      Fare thee well, and good luck to you too.

    • Cdanajackson

      I am glad that you found my post amusing. I always consider making someone laugh as a plus. Not enough laughter in this world.

      As far as me correcting you on the spelling of Enron, it was simply to get at the true meaning of your post. I wanted to make sure that we were talking about the same Enron. As that was very key in understanding your post. I will always make mistakes in spelling and grammar. I am also not perfect and have no desire to be so. I just wanted to make sure I was understanding your meaning.

      I want to keep this discussion on the money flow as that is where it should be. I also believe in following the money and it will lead you to the true answer. I agree that BSX was burning through cash a few years ago. However that trend is turning for the better and such is not the case today. I also believe at looking at the american society as a whole and understanding our aging population the lack of exercise that is prominate in U.S. society and the growing need for cardiac health care over time. One of these companies (BSX STJ or Medtronic) will dominate this area in 5 years. The question is who will dominate. I think I know, but who am I? I am just one man.

      As far as your offer for an internet IP address or personal e-mail address. I have no desire to know you on a personal level.

      As far as your referance to a sperm sample or your avatar. I find rude and elementary.

      I must politely decline the offer of a sperm sample. I have noticed a long time ago what your avatar has on its shirt. I would never have addressed this if you did not bring it up first. I welcome diversity. I applaud anyone that knows thy self and is comfortable with it. I think this is what makes this country great. The fact that it is the Melting pot of the world. You get many different view points and many different angles of perception and all have something to offer and can provide a learning opportunity.

      Good luck to you.

    • I had to read your post again.

      I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but screaming with laughter!

      Not at you personally, mind you, but at your conspiracy theories.

      Tracing a post BACK to me?! What does THAT mean??

      You really think I'm some gadfly out to get BSX? Wow, you certainly give me WAY to much power and credit. ;)

      I'm not on here hiding behind a screen and an avatar. I'm an individual, self-taught investor who has been posting on these boards for years.

      I'm an open book, with nothing to hide.

      Hell, would you like my internet IP address? My e-mail address? Uhh...sperm sample?

    • Oh, good grief!


      Oh, Lord have mercy.

      Methinks ye definitely doth protest too much.

      Okay, I made a typo. I was typing faster than I was looking at the screen and I didn't proofread before hitting send.

      Okay, so sue me. ;)

      As has been true since time immemorial on the internet, the bastion of those with no cogent argument is and sadly, will always be pointing out other people's typos and other spelling mistakes.

      It's a shame really.

      As far as my comparison of Enron and BSX, my point was it's always better to follow the cash, rather than reported net income.

      Further, I was just saying that a company can be generating net income out the proverbial ying-yang, but if it's burning cash, it won't be able to do even that after a while.

      I wasn't getting at anything you were inferring.

      Does this make sense?

    • odanajackso is an idiot. Probably got fired.

    • cdanajackson

      Debt is being paid down from the sale of widgets. Not by issuing more shares or by borrowing more money from the bank or anything of that nature.

      The next issue I just have to start with WOW Really. I am assuming you are speaking of Enron not Eron. What you are inferring is very irresponsible, unethical and bordering on criminal on your part. Is that why you misspelled it continually so that you could have a way out if that post was traced back to you. You do not strike me as a person who could not spell Enron correctly. I would suggest that you be very careful with your next post. Remember everything on the internet is traceable. Everything.

      To imply that their is a simularity between BSX and Enron is very edgy indeed. There is no comparison of the types of business. 2 totally different business models. So the comparison must be on the record keeping side or accounting side. Please remember that Enron's senior management had to appear in front of the U.S. congress for its practices. Are you trying to say that BSX management will find itself in a similiar scenario in the future. Senior management will find itself in front of Congress at some point. That is what I am hearing. I would not take kindly to being slandered or having the character of the corporation defamed like that if I was senior management of BSX.

      I would be very careful with my next post if I were you. I find your post very irresponsible and very unethical way to behave.

      If you have proof maybe you could get a whistleblowers cut for pointing this out. If you have proof I would report it to the authorities. Otherwise be very very careful.

    • Oh, I just wanted to add, yes BSX cash flow statements show debt being paid down. I didn't say it wasn't. My argument has to do with HOW that debt is being paid down.

      Usually, I don't like to give insight into how I invest. But, in this case, let me just through out the name of one of the many guys I've learned from: check out Joe Ponzio's book.

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